That Was Easy: Putin Says He Convinced Trump That Russia Didn’t Meddle In 2016 Election

Trump can pretend to be a strongman all he wants, but in his first real opportunity to put America first…

4 years ago

After “Good Tinder Date” with Putin, Trump “Unilaterally Surrendered” to Russia

“Trump just unilaterally surrendered to Russia on election interference,” Morgan Finkelstein, the Press Secretary for the liberal Center for American…

4 years ago

Obama Denied Red Carpet in China; Trump Says He Would Have Left in a Huff

President Obama is in China for the G20, meeting with world leaders to address problems that concern us all, from…

5 years ago

Remember 9/11 and Never Forget What George W. Bush’s Incompetence Did to America

As the nation remembers the American lives lost at the hands of a terrorist gang, they should take stock of…

8 years ago

Obama Forcefully Calls the Republican Deficit Bluff

President Barack Obama held a press conference at the conclusion of the G 20 Summit in Toronto this evening, and…

11 years ago

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