Day After G7 Summit, Trump Imposes New Sanctions On Russia

The U.S. Treasury Department on Monday slapped new sanctions on Russia, including five business entities and three individuals. In announcing the sanctions, the Treasury Department said the individuals and businesses had worked hand-in-hand with Russian military and intelligence services in conducting cyberattacks against the United States. One of the businesses involved is controlled by Russia’s Federal Security Service known as “FSB.” read more

Fortune Mag: U.S. Corporations “Should Be Terrified” by Trump

According to a recent article in Fortune Magazine President Donald Trump is getting everything wrong with his trade policies. And they quoted a Nobel Prize-winning economist who summarized the risk to the American economy by saying:  “Right now, corporate America should be terrified.” read more

Trump Tantrums All The Way To Singapore After G7 Won’t Be Bullied

Trump threw a tantrum and pulled the US out of the G7 Communique because US allies refuse to be bullied on trade.

EU Official Says Trump Is ‘Undermining’ World Order

A top official from the European Union said on Friday that U.S. President Donald Trump is “undermining” world order. As the official pointed out, the international order at risk was created primarily by the United States, and it is the U.S. that has been responsible for protecting and maintaining it since the end of the second world war. read more

Macron Owns Trump With G7 Death Grip Handshake

Macron Trump handshake

French President Macron wasn't playing the buddy game and beat Trump at his 1980s alpha male nonsense with a handshake that left his thumbprint in Trump's hand.

Trump Goes To War With Top Allies Before G7 Meeting

In his continuing efforts to destroy the reputation and standing of the United States in the world, President Donald Trump on Thursday lashed out at the leaders of our key allies, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada. read more

Obama Drives a Stake Through GOP Hearts By Dropping A Fact Bomb About His Economic Success

obama G7 press conference

President Obama drove a stake through Republican narratives about him at the G-7 Summit on Monday, pointing out that since he took office, the United States cut our deficit by two-thirds. A fact you would not know if you only listened to Republicans or the media.