Gary Cohn

Trump’s Pick Of Larry Kudlow For Chief Economic Advisor Is Horrific

It has been four-hundred and eighteen days since Donald Trump has been sworn into office as President. Since that time,…

4 years ago

Trump and Cronies Lie About How Capitalism Works in Claiming Tax Cut Will Lift Wages

Celebrants of the recent tax bill have claimed, echoing Trump’s top economic advisors, that the massive corporate tax cut will…

4 years ago

Seriously? Gary Cohn Blames Congress for Trump Breaking Campaign Promise to Repeal Carried Interest Loophole

One hallmark of Donald Trump’s presidency to date has been his ignorant blustering about the office he holds, notoriously over-reaching…

4 years ago

Trump Is So Dumb That His Own Economic Adviser Escaped A Call With Him By Faking A Bad Connection

Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) told CNN that Trump's top economic adviser Gary Cohn faked a bad phone connection to escape…

4 years ago

Trump’s Economic Adviser Killed The GOP Tax Plan With One Disastrous Interview

Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn gave an unmitigated disaster of an interview where he refused to rule out that taxes…

4 years ago

Coal Miners Crushed As White House Admits Trump Lied About Bringing Back Coal Jobs

The White House's real position on bringing back coal jobs was revealed after Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn made it…

5 years ago

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