Lawless Anti-Gay Kentucky County Clerk Continues To Refuse To Issue Marriage Licenses

Kim Davis continued to refuse to issue marriage licenses on Tuesday morning, a day after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected her appeal.

Republican Opposition To SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling Is Opposition To The Constitution

Conservative opponents of the Constitution see no contradiction in attacking the Marriage Equality ruling as a violation of the Constitution

Brewer Whines About Checks and Balances When Court Strikes Down AZ’s Ban on Marriage Equality

A Friday ruling that found Arizona's marriage ban is unconstitutional, and the court's denial of a request to stay its ruling marked the beginning of freedom for same sex couples in the state.

Rachel Maddow Obliterates Jim DeMint’s Gay Hate on Meet The Press

In a moment that has been years in the making, Jim DeMint was absolutely destroyed by Rachel Maddow for trying to spread his hate filled anti-same sex marriage propaganda.

Straight from the Pastor: A Message of Enlightenment and Modernity Amidst the Insanity of Zealots

Just when it seems the discussion has been overrun by insane religious zealots, Pastor Howard Bess offers us an enlightened and modern religious perspective on marriage.

Obama Power: 36 Point Swing in Approval for Marriage Rights

On her MSNBC show, Rachel Maddow pointed out a 36 point swing in support for equal marriage rights in the state of Maryland.

Thank you, Mr. President! But This is Going to Get Flat Earth Ugly!

In a single moment the President has made history by endorsing same sex marriage and simultaneously became an instant target by the extreme religious parasites bent on "Reclaiming America".

Christofascist Organization Lays Claim to “Gay” Rainbow

NOM says the rainbow is a Christian symbol stolen by the gay rights people. Would this be a good time to ask for the cross back, since it predates Christianity?

Republicans Talk and Hate and Offer no Solutions

You can search and search; you can look high and low, but you won't find much. Right now, the closest thing the Republicans seem to have to a real policy is orchestrating a win for Bristol on DWTS.

Analyzing What November 2nd Means

Many Americans are asking, "What happened?" In a wonderfully titled article, “What the #!%*?: The U.S. mid-term elections?” the National Post’s Peter Goodspeed asks and answers some very important questions about the midterms.

Ten Things You’ll Be Voting Against if You Vote Republican

Today is the day we go to vote in the 2010 midterm elections. The results of this election will reverberate far beyond our localities; they will affect the entire country and indeed, the entire world.

Conservative Christian Nuttiness Increases as Election Day Nears

Conservative Christians fear for this country and its future (that should be read as their privileged position in this country). They seem uncertain as to what the answer is. Do they vote? Do they pray? Do they just scream a lot and stomp their little feet?

A Lesson for Americans: Reaping the Consequences of Hate

Words and actions have consequences, sometimes to the person who speaks, sometimes to the people spoken of. In an environment of hate and xenophobia, the consequences can be deadly and widespread.

Rachel Maddow Meets Joe Miller and Doesn’t End Up Handcuffed

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was in Alaska tonight covering the state's three way US Senate race and unlike his fellow Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell; Joe Miller actually talked to her. Even better for Maddow, Miller's security not only didn't handcuff her, she didn't get arrested. That's probably the best thing that can be said about the strange and uncomfortable interaction between Maddow and Miller.

“Polarizing Carl” Paladino

Carl Paladino, New York’s GOP candidate for governor, did something surprising for a Republican politician Sunday; he went after gays.

The Westboro Baptist Church Meets Newton’s Third Law

What are we to do with groups like the Westboro Baptist Church, which has been designated a hate group by both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and who seem intent on testing the limits of free speech? Should we engage, mock, or ignore them?