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One in Five Women Want to Leave the U.S. Because of Trump

One in Five Women Want to Leave the U.S. Because of Trump

A new Gallup Poll shows that 16% of all Americans, including 20% of U.S. women, would like to leave the…

5 years ago

Support For Democrats in the Generic Ballot is at Record High

With just ten days until the midterm elections, the generic congressional ballot, as shown on the RealClearPolitics average, has more…

5 years ago

Due to Trump, Millions of Women Have Left the Republican Party Forever

Donald Trump’s election has clearly pushed independent and Democratic women into action, resulting in record numbers of women running for…

6 years ago

Illinois Governor Rauner says Me Too to GOP degradation of women and workers

Even while many in our culture are finding some measure of satisfaction and a sense of justice being done in…

6 years ago

Republicans: Women Problem? What Women Problem?

Nothing wrong with an exclusive and hate-filled Republican message. Just with the people who aren't sufficiently white, male, and Christian.

9 years ago

The War on Women is No Joke, But The Denials of the Right Are

Matthew Continetti, founder of the Washington Free Beacon, thinks the Republican war on women is a joke without victims or…

12 years ago