Sen. Josh Hawley Finds A New Low By Saying That The ‘Left’ Wants A World Beyond Masculinity

Sen. Josh Hawley Finds A New Low By Saying That The ‘Left’ Wants A World Beyond Masculinity

Yet again, we see an example of a MAGA Republican explaining why white, heterosexual, Christian men are the most marginalized…

2 years ago

White and male: broader bureaucracy mirrors Trump cabinet’s profile

Office of Personnel Management numbers analyzed by Reuters show that 88 percent of such appointees were non-Hispanic white and 62…

6 years ago

Donald Trump’s Language About Women Shows He Can’t Represent Women

"Can we wonder that many reformers think that measures are not likely to be taken on behalf of women, unless…

7 years ago

Right Wing Columnist Wants to Hang Women Who Have Abortions

For Williamson, facts are a "metaphysical dodge" and zygotes are people simply because he says so

9 years ago

What Religious Conservatives Don’t Understand about Sexuality

Heraclitus of Ephesus realized in the sixth century BCE, the only constant in the universe is change. Why can't modern…

9 years ago

Pink Swastika Author to be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity

Scott Lively claims he is being persecuted for persecuting LGBT persons, but he thinks his own crimes are excused by…

10 years ago

Right Wing Insanity Boils Over With Claim Marriage Equality Caused Noah’s Flood

Right wing Pastor Scott Lively hit a new level of crazy even for the far right by claiming that same…

10 years ago

A Desperate Religious Right Renews the War on Marriage Equality

With growing desperation, the Religious Right tries to stem the liberal tide of toleration, equality, and genuine religious liberty

10 years ago

If Straight Man Can Resist Polygamy a Gay Man Can Resist Other Men?

Fundamentalists are forever looking for a working equation to make same-sex attraction unnatural but the only thing unnatural is their…

11 years ago

Beyond the Job Numbers: Who is Working?

These job statistics show who is working based on gender, race, and education.

11 years ago