Hypotheticals And Wishful Thinking Fuel The Myth Of Bernie Sanders’ Electability

"If you were designing the perfect target for Republicans in November, you’d create Bernie Sanders."

Hillary Clinton Displays Historic Candidate Courage By Taking On the Gun Lobby

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has shown unprecedented courage in taking on the gun lobby – a position no other presidential candidate has taken on.

Ohio Republicans Propose Poll Tax For 2016 Election

Now it appears that Ohio Republicans are on the verge of enacting an voter ID law that requires Ohio residents to pay a fee in order to cast a ballot.

Chris Christie’s Hopes Dashed As His Popularity Sinks To New Low

A Rutgers University-Eagleton Poll shows New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie sinking to new depths of unpopularity

Possible Voter Fraud Gets Arkansas AG Candidate Kicked Off Voter Rolls

It is a different story, though, when a white Republican is kicked of voter rolls in Arkansas that not only incited the state party's outrage against their own vote suppression law, it drove the candidate for state attorney general who lost the right to vote into a rage.

Republicans Start a New Super PAC Intended to Make It Harder For You to Vote

Republicans have created a new conservative super PAC to support Republican secretaries of state that will pursue restrictive voter laws, purge voter rolls, and generally kill the democratic process.

Ted Cruz Would Get Absolutely Destroyed By Hillary Clinton in 2016 Per PPP Poll

In a poll released by Public Policy Polling on Thursday, New Hampshire voters favored Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the Presidential election in 2016.

Post Election Romney and Bain Face a Federal Corruption and Perjury Hearing

It appears there was at least one very specific reason for Mitt Romney's desperation to be president that the public was not aware of.

In the End, Obama’s Compassion for All Routed the GOP’s Greed and Contempt

In rejecting the Draconian agenda Romney and Ryan proposed, the majority of Americans expressed the compassion President Obama demonstrates in working for all Americans.

Mitt Romney is the Executioner Who is Leading His Supporters to the Gallows

There is no demographic that supports Romney that is not inexorably linked to their own destruction and unfortunately, to their family members, friends, and this country's future.

Federal Court Strikes Down Another Rick Scott Voter Suppression Law

A Federal court partially struck down a Republican law that reduced the number of early voting days from 12 to eight.

Watch the White House Crush Romney’s Blame Obama for Harry Reid Meme

The White House took Romney's attempt to use the right's blame Obama meme to cover up his tax returns and turned into another campaign disaster for W. Mitt Romney.