Trump’s Rants Against GM Reveal His Scary Ignorance of how the Economy Really Works

Trump’s recent rants against General Motors and the United Auto Workers for the closing of the Lordstown, Ohio plant where the Chevy Cruze was assembled reveal that Trump indeed has his own version of capitalism, one rooted in an understanding of economics that has little to no resemblance to capitalism.

Experts Say GM Layoffs Are ‘Just the Start’ of Fallout From Trumponomics

When running for president, Donald Trump vowed that no American auto plants would close.

“If I’m elected, you won’t lose one plant. You’ll have plants coming into this country,” he said at a campaign rally in Michigan in October of 2016. “You’re going to have jobs again, you won’t lose one plant. I promise you. I promise you.” read more

The Top Ten Smartest Democratic Quotes of 2012

If the Republicans fell all over themselves in 2012 to sound stupid, the Democrats were happy to help them along, as this list demonstrates

Joe Biden Destroys ‘Contortionist’ Romney for His GM/Chrysler Lies

The American people, Vice President Biden said, want a President they can trust, and they know Romney doesn't pass that test.

Romney Pays Dearly for Making the Fatal Mistake of Lying about Corporations

Mitt Romney has been smearing people his entire campaign, but when he took down GM and Chrysler, the press woke up with a vengeance.

The Obama Auto Rescue Saved 154,843 Jobs and Added 17,000 in Ohio

Obama for America's new ad, 'Made in Ohio,' features Ohioans who know just how important President Obama's rescue of the auto industry was for them.

Paul Ryan Proves He Can’t Speak Without Lying About Janesville GM Plant Closure

Proving he can't speak without lying, Paul Ryan defended his previous lies about the Janesville GM plant closure being Obama's fault by lying some more on NBC's Today.