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Why Bill Maher is Right, and Joseph Farrah is Wrong

Why Bill Maher is Right, and Joseph Farrah is Wrong

Bill Maher poked the Religious Right's persecution myth full of holes. Joseph Farrah's attempt to discredit Maher only discredits himself

8 years ago

Direct Democracy Fail Allows “Kill The Gays” Measure To Advance in California

Before any American thinks this will never fly in the Golden State, just reconsider that because of California's direct democracy…

9 years ago

A New Report Proves Republican Governed Red States Are Economic Parasites

A new report reveals that those same red state Republican voters who want the federal government cut to shreds are…

9 years ago

Hey Everybody, You’re Not for Free Speech if You Are Only for Your Own

The Pope said, "You cannot provoke, you cannot insult other people's faith, you cannot mock it" but mocks critics of…

9 years ago

Peter LaBarbera Says He was Forced to Watch Michael Sam Kiss his Boyfriend

LaBarbera says he was "forced and subjected through the media these homosexual acts, the homosexual perversion."

10 years ago

Fundamentalist Christianity Is a Collection of Justifications for Hate

Christian Fundamentalism represents less a coherent religion than a collection of excuses and justifications for bigotry and hatred

11 years ago