Believe it Or Not – Jeb Bush Sinks Lower Than Trump and Cruz

After invoking his status as a National Rifle Association hero, Jeb brought up GOP overreach in the case of Terri Schiavos

Rafael Cruz Says His Lying Son is Telling the Truth Just like Jesus

Ted Cruz being persecuted for telling the truth like Jesus? The truth is, Rafael Cruz is the Father of Lies, because that's all Ted does

Five Reasons Why Obama Isn’t to Blame for North Korea’s Hydrogen Bomb

Marco Rubio wants to blame Obama for inaction, but it was the action of George W. Bush that drove North Korea to develop nuclear weapons

The Low Information Republican Party is Wrong About Everything

The Republican Party has made politics a celebration of literally knowing nothing about anything, but feeling very strongly about it

Krugman: Trump Distracts From the GOP Pledge To Double Down On W. Bush Policies

Krugman says the GOP establishment is determined "to take whatever didn't work from 2001 to 2008 and do it again in a more extreme form"

Paul Krugman Says Trump and Cruz Are George W. Bush Reincarnations. He’s Right

Trump is simply a reiteration of Bush; the man who contributed to the dumbing down of America so maniacal conservatives could appear sane

Bush Created ISIS – Not Hillary Rodham Clinton

Bush's response to 9/11 played directly into Osama bin Laden's hands and provided a recruiting tool groups like ISIS could not exist without

Republican Rhetoric of 2015 is Centuries out of Date – Like their Thinking

The GOP talks about "taking our country back" and "making America great again" but they propose to do this by going back in time, not forward

War Criminal Cheney Honored At The Capital While The World Battles His Co-Creation ISIS

Few Americans would object to a bust honoring Dick Cheney if it noted his part in creating a more radical form of Islamic terrorism

Here’s How the RNC Lies When it Says Democrats Can’t Be Trusted to Keep us Safe

The RNC would have you believe only Republicans can keep you safe, but the facts dating back to 2001 show the opposite to be true

Make No Mistake About It, George W Bush’s Iraq War Has Spread To France

It is incredibly ironic that the one American ally that vehemently protested and condemned Bush's invasion and occupation of Iraq has now felt the horrific results of terrorists created by Bush's folly in attacking and slaughtering hundreds-of-thousands of innocent Muslims, and creating the Islamic State.

Republicans In Congress Still Dishonor America’s Veterans

Republicans have about as much use for America's veterans as they do America's poor, women, people of color and the elderly

Tucker Carlson and Erick Erickson Agree Obama is Coming for “Our Guns”

The two men got worked up over armed EPA agents, ignoring of course the threat of armed anti-government conservatives like Cliven Bundy

Jeb Is His “Own Man” But He Must Lean On His Daddy And His Big Bro To Save His Campaign

Bush's family gathering is a last ditch effort to save Jeb's under-performing campaign, but the optics couldn't be worse.

Trump’s Honest Criticism of George W. Bush Exposes GOP Foreign Policy Incompetence

Trump is shining a light on exactly what Americans have to look forward to if they elect a Republican president; foreign policy incompetence

Jeb Bush Falls Apart When Asked Why He Blames Obama For Benghazi But Not W for 9/11

Jeb Bush pulled off an epic faceplant on CNN when he was was asked why he blames President Obama and Hillary Clinton for Benghazi, but doesn't his brother for 9/11.

Carly Fiorina Defends Government Sponsored Torture And Surveillance

Fiorina's claim that "waterboarding was used when there was no other way to get information that was necessary" contradicts the evidence

Never Forget That Republicans Used 9/11 To Start Two Middle East Wars

The Bush administration used a terror attack on American soil to rack up a $6 trillion debt for two wars and are now plotting another one

Americans Still Pay Dearly For George W. Bush’s Crusade Against Islam

The mainstream media is not reporting the continuing cost of military action against an extremist organization created by George W. Bush

Jeb! Goes All Stupid on Iraq with ‘Skin in the Game’ Comments

Bush decides to self-destruct on the Iraq War by saying it was a "good deal" and that America needs to show Iraq it has "skin in the game"