George Washington

Former NSA Analyst: George Washington Would Have Shot Half of Trump WH as Traitors

Given Washington was going to execute an innocent British officer in retaliation for the lynching of a Patriot officer, you…

5 years ago

The Founding Fathers Promoted Public Education But Rafael Cruz Says it’s a Commie Plot

Ted Cruz's father says public education is a communist plot, but for the Founding Fathers, it was America's hope for…

6 years ago

Ben Carson Falsely Claims Founding Fathers Would Have Rejected Muslim President

Ben Carson claims the Founding Fathers would have rejected a Muslim president, but their words show him to be a…

7 years ago

President Obama’s Greatest Accomplishment Is Exposing Un-American Republicans

it is worth taking stock of the current President for two specific reasons. First, what Barack Obama accomplished that will…

7 years ago

The Texas State Board of Education is Wrong: Moses is Not a Founding Father

Had the Founders heeded Moses, we would never have had a Constitution forbidding religious tests in the first place, or…

7 years ago

Chuck Norris Dares Obama to Mention God on Thanksgiving – Cue Fox & Friends Smear

After twisting Washington's words to attack Obama, when, in fact, they defend Obama, Norris dares Obama to be like Washington…

7 years ago

The First Amendment Protects All Religions – Including Satanism

You don't have to approve of a religion to understand and accept that every religion is on equal footing in…

7 years ago

The Religious Right Wants to Choose the Republican Candidate for President

Bryan Fischer wants an Evangelical conclave to choose candidates for president. Tough luck, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, and others

7 years ago

In A Victory for Public Education Judge Says NC School Vouchers Are Unconstitutional

The judge, Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood, identified the Republican legislation, "Opportunity Scholarship Program," as a scam to "siphon money…

8 years ago

This Fourth of July America, Our Liberty is Under Siege From Within

We are under siege this July Fourth. We can only resist with our love of liberty, for it is liberty…

8 years ago

Thanksgiving is For Everyone, Not Only Christians

Peter LaBarbera complains that people are "using Thanksgiving as an opportunity to be 'thankful for' developments that are decidedly ungodly"

8 years ago

Religious Right Freaks out When Air Force Academy Obeys Constitution

Tony Perkins says religious freedom is FORCING Air Force cadets to say "So help me God" at the end of…

9 years ago

As Shutdown Continues, a Traitors’ Bromance is in the Air

Tony Perkins said, 'I think they are acting heroic, I think they are heroes. They are along the lines of…

9 years ago

Things Thomas Jefferson Never Said About Gun Control

Conservatives love to invent quotes to back up their positions and they hate it when somebody - including "communist" CNN…

9 years ago

America’s Capitalism Has Embraced White Slaves as Well as Black

American capitalism supported white indentured servitude before and alongside black slavery and relinquished it only reluctantly.

9 years ago

The Right Tries and Fails to turn Marriage Into a Religious Institution

Whether bible-loving opponents of same-sex marriage like it or not, marriage is not a religious institution.

9 years ago

Bill Clinton’s Truth Serum Overpowers Paul Ryan’s Faith Based Temper Tantrum

Bill Clinton's delivered a dose of DNC truth serum to Romney, Ryan, and their crowd of habitual liars, religious sycophants,…

10 years ago

We the People Trumps I am the Lord Thy God

A visit to the National Mall leaves you with the impression that it was "We the People" and not "the…

10 years ago

Taking a Ride on Bryan Fischer’s Secular Sharia Crazy Bus

After putting words in George Washington's mouth, Bryan FIscher produces bullshit from his and claims "the Ten Commandments of secular…

10 years ago