Stacey Abrams Sues Georgia Election Officials to Fix Broken System

A new political action committee (PAC) backed by Georgia’s 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on Tuesday filed a federal lawsuit against Georgia election officials. The suit is requesting that a judge order that extensive problems in the state’s election system be fixed. read more

Stacey Abrams Will Ask Court to Force New Election

George Democratic governor candidate Stacey Abrams is considering a new legal challenge that may force the state to hold a new election, according to the Associated Press.

Such a move by Abrams would be highly unusual, and perhaps unique in the history of American politics. Such a legal challenge in the unresolved Georgia governor’s race would require that the Georgia Supreme Court decide whether there should be a new election for governor. read more

Abrams Files New Lawsuit in Georgia; Hopes to Force Runoff

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has filed a new lawsuit as she continues to try to force a runoff in the too-close-to-call election which has made national news. 

In the lawsuit, filed Sunday, Abrams is trying to stop two counties from rejecting absentee ballots and provisional with minor mistakes, according to The Washington Post. read more

Georgia’s Tight Governor Race Points Out Kemp’s Voter Suppression

Republican Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp is demanding that his opponent, Democrat Stacey Abrams, concede in a race where all of the votes have not yet been counted.

Prominent civil rights groups, as well as Democrats all over the country, are urging her to stay in the fight. read more

Racist Robocalls Are Targeting Oprah and Stacey Abrams in Georgia

Georgia Republican governor candidate Brian Kemp really didn’t need any outside help to make him appear racist. He was doing that very well all by himself.

However over the weekend Kemp got some help anyway, as a white supremacist group that targeted Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum with racist robocalls began targeting Kemp’s opponent, Georgia Democratic governor candidate Stacey Abrams. read more

Oprah Is Going to Georgia To Campaign For Stacey Abrams

Oprah Winfrey is going to Georgia this week to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams according to BuzzFeed News.

Winfrey will reportedly make two public appearances with the popular Abrams, who is in the middle of a very close race for governor. Reports say they are planning two town hall meetings which will allow them to have real conversations with Georgia voters. read more

New Poll Shows a Statistical Tie in Georgia Governor’s Race

The Georgia governor’s race is getting tighter, as Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams are statistically tied according to a new poll.

In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Channel 2 Action News poll released last night, Kemp holds 1.4 percentage point lead over Abrams — 47.7 percent to 46.3 percent. The differential is within the poll’s 2.8 percent margin of error, meaning the candidates may be considered to be statistically tied in their historic race. read more