Haters in Georgia Want Doctors in Jail for Performing What They Weren’t Told Were Illegal Abortions

CNN reported Friday that “For nearly seven months, it has been illegal for physicians in Georgia to provide abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy — but almost no one knew it.” The culprit was a simple clerical error. Nothing nefarious. read more

50 Years Later, John Lewis Is In Congress, Our President Is Black, But Selma Fight Isn’t Over

It is not enough simply to remember Selma. The courageous men and women on the Edmund Pettus Bridge could not be deterred by brutal force. They marched forward with undaunted courage, staring death in the face. Members of Congress who lack the minimal courage required to pass legislation protecting the right to vote, have no business paying tribute to the marchers in Selma. By their inaction, their allegiance lies with the Alabama State Troopers who turned the marchers around.

Georgia Gun Range Invites Children To Take Pictures With Santa As He Holds Assault Rifle

A gun club in Georgia is taking gun fetishism and worship to a whole new level as they have scheduled an event for Saturday where children can pose for pictures with Santa Claus while he holds the assault rifle of their choice.

Is Georgia Ready For Hillary Clinton?

Midterm election results in Georgia show progressive trends and point to battleground potential for the 2016 presidential race.