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Glenn Beck Blames the Weather for His Ratings Plummet

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck first claimed that his ratings aren’t declining, but then blamed the weather for his loss of one million Fox News viewers. Beck’s excuse, “It’s called the spring and summer. It’s a cycle.” The problem is that Beck’s viewership numbers have been dropping since January, which is in the winter, when people are usually inside their homes watching television.


So Far Over 1 Million Viewers Have Dumped Glenn Beck In 2010

Things are not looking good for Glenn Beck and FNC. Not only have over 200 advertisers left Beck, and the network has been reduced to virtually giving away his ad time, but Fox News viewers are leaving his show in droves. Since January, Beck has lost 33% of his audience, or roughly 1.4 million daily viewers. The worst news for Beck is that this has been a steady erosion, and the viewers are not coming back.

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