Glenn Beck Begs His Viewers Not to Turn Violent

The violence brewing in video clips of the astroturffing tea baggers hell bent on making sure no intelligent debate can take place in Town Hall meetings regarding Healthcare has thrown even the unflappable, calm, rational ex-clown, Glenn Beck, into a tizzy of fear. Glenn Beck has begged his viewers not to turn violent.

Senate Judiciary Approves Sotomayor

I don't know about you, but I'm just sittin' here imagining the horrors that will be bestowed upon this great nation when empathy is brought to the bench. And not just empathy, my fellow real Americans, but empathy with a point of view, other than rich white man (or Other masquerading as such).

Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann Caters to the Birthers…sort of

They were literally seconds from accomplishing the vote, so they could move to more important things. Things like Republican Thadeus McCotter's bill to force President Obama to apologize (down on your knees, boy!) -- clearly a much better use of their time; Michigan must be so proud -- when at the very last second, Republican Rep. Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann tried to be a "good Republican" (oxymoron or just moron?) who would save the birthers by blocking the vote! Go, Michelle!!

Of Liberals, Obama, and the Pope

President Obama is in Rome for an historic meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, and the President is doing what any sane, rational leader should do. He is open to hearing those he disagrees with. He is not running a theocracy. He knows what he stands for, but is willing to find a common thread of agreement. I dig.

Palin’s Magic Math Debunked

Remember how Bailin' Palin was quittin' to save Alaskans money from all the "Political operatives (who) descended on Alaska" and charged all those mean, pesky ethics complaints against Her Royal Self? She claimed that the ethics investigations cost 2 million dollars. The problem is that her math doesn't add up. It is time to debunk another Palin myth.

Republicans Keep Repeating the Big Bailout Lie

Today on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) tried to blame President Obama for the bank bailouts last fall. The Rev. Pat Robertson and Dick Cheney have also recently made the same claim, but by their definition of socialism, if Obama is a Socialist, so is George W. Bush, but this little fact hasn't stopped the GOP from revising bailout history.

Glenn Beck Compares Obama and GM to Hitler and Volkswagon

On his Fox News show today, host Glenn Beck and guest Jonah Goldberg compared GM bankruptcy to the Nazi government's creation of Volkswagon. Goldberg made the claim that GM's bankruptcy is all part of Obama's central plan. The option he advocated was to allow the automakers to fail, which would have turned the recession into a depression, but Beck and company didn't consider that.

Glenn Beck Labels Himself 90% Chick

Glenn Beck might be a delusional conspiracy theorist, but at least he admits that he blubbers all the time and he is 90% chick.On his show recently, Beck claimed that his caring is misunderstood by the media, but I think Beck is the perfect voice for a Republican Party that has itself has become a blubbering mess.