Glenn Beck Labels Himself 90% Chick

Glenn Beck might be a delusional conspiracy theorist, but at least he admits that he blubbers all the time and he is 90% chick.On his show recently, Beck claimed that his caring is misunderstood by the media, but I think Beck is the perfect voice for a Republican Party that has itself has become a blubbering mess.

Restoring Democracy; The Progressive Agenda

There is a fine line between the strength of the left's questioning of their officials (a good thing) and destabilizing reactionary anger (a bad thing). A recent example of this is the left railing at President Obama to prosecute the Bush administration and others for torture. Urging Obama to prosecute is tantamount to asking him to Bushify the Executive Office.

Pallin’ Around with Monsanto

There's an email going around spreading fear into the hearts of home gardeners across America...People who love to garden or finally resorted to gardening to avoid food poising from our less-than regulated food supply courtesy of the under-staffed Bush FDA are now terrified that the Food Police are coming to our backyards to dig up our heirloom tomatoes and force us to eat hormone-injected, dyed-red tomatoes that taste like plastic.