Lack of Action on Climate Change Will Lead to a Massive Financial Crash

The world’s largest investors, who manage over $32 trillion in financial assets, joined together to issue a strong warning to governments at the U.N. climate summit on Monday.

Without huge reductions in carbon emissions, and the phasing out of all coal burning, the world faces a financial crash several times worse than the 2008 crisis, they said. read more

Al Gore Says Climate Change is Creating a ‘Global Emergency’

Former Vice President Al Gore on Friday made very clear on Friday that he believes the world is experiencing a “global emergency” due to changes in the earth’s climate caused by human beings. His comments were made after  the United Nations’ released a dire new report on climate change. read more

Antarctic Ice Loss Has Tripled and Coastal Cities May Soon Be Flooded

A new study about the rate of ice loss in Antarctica caused by warmer ocean waters has raised the alarm that sea levels will be rising much faster in the future.

According to the scientists involved in the study this will pose a grave threat to coastal cities and low-lying areas that have not made preparations for the sudden rise in sea levels. read more

Scientists May Be Able To Stop Global Warming With A Giant Sunshade

When we’re out in the sun it’s nice to be able to sit in the shade to cool off.  And now scientists have figured out a way to create a giant sunshade in the sky to cool off our planet.  If it works it could be a solution to global warming. read more

Democrats Erupt On Ignorant Trump After He Wishes For ‘Good Old Global Warming’

One Democratic representative called Trump a "child who hates science class."

Insane Trump Tweets That Cold Winter Weather Is Proof That Climate Change Is Fake

Trump's ignorance on this subject is obvious, but it's neither new nor is it surprising.

Federal Judge Smacks Down Trump Effort To Dismantle Obama-Era Environmental Protection

On Wednesday, one federal judge reminded Donald Trump that hating Barack Obama is not a good enough reason to ignore key environmental protections.

Al Roker Takes Another Shot At Rush Limbaugh Over Hurricane Irma: ‘We’re Not Hyping This’

Al Roker-Rush

"We're not trying to scare people, we're not trying to hype this. We want people to be prepared."

Dozens Of U.S. Mayors Defy Trump And Promise To Commit To The Paris Climate Agreement

Leaders from across the country are proving that one man without any grasp of reality – even if he's the president – will not hijack the global effort to tackle this growing threat.

‘Most Selfish Human Being On The Planet’: Chris Matthews Blasts Trump’s Climate Change Ignorance

Matthews-Trump-Paris deal

"It is hard to think of the worst thing this president has done, but so far this might just be the one. "

Green Activists Swarm The White House To Protest Trump’s Decision To Withdraw From Paris Pact

Paris deal protest

"Our children and grandchildren will look back on this decision stunned that one world leader could be so divorced from reality and morality."

White House Spirals Into A Civil War After Trump Signals He’ll Pull Out Of Climate Agreement

The fact that there is widespread disagreement and confusion in the White House surrounding the Paris climate accord could signal that Trump may back away from his promise to "cancel" the agreement.

A New Global Warming Threat: Future Pandemics Await Us in Melting Polar Ice

Pathogens can survive centuries and 1918 influenza is just one of many pandemics that previously killed millions lurking below the melting ice

People’s Climate March Sends Thousands Marching in the Nation’s Capital

It's Saturday. Donald Trump is off golfing again and climate change protesters are filling the streets of the nation's capital

What You Can Do Even if You Can’t March for Science on Earth Day

To ignore Earth Day "is to surrender to an ideology that has turned mere environmental indifference into a moral nihilism."

‘I’m With Her’ Takes on New Meaning as the Earth Steps to the Forefront

It is time for all Americans to look and weep and try to explain to their children why they weren't with her when it mattered.

Joy Reid Rips the Silent Donald Trump for His Anti-Science Record

If ever the deck was stacked against science and the environment, it was Donald Trump’s cabinet.

Bill Maher Has An Earth Day Message For Trump: Make The Planet Great Again

Bill Maher Earth Day

"Here's a crazy idea: If we're going to take up the challenge to overhaul a planet, let's do this one."

In a Blow to Steve Bannon, Trump May Keep Obama’s Paris Climate Agreement

"Trump may remain in Paris climate deal. That would deal a huge blow to Bannon's fraudulent nationalism"