Bernie Sanders Gets Major Environmental Endorsement

Bernie Sanders point

The campaign of Bernie Sanders scored a major coup Saturday, earning the first endorsement of any candidate by a national environmental group, Friends of the Earth.

Granted, the field is limited to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, given that no living Republican candidate will ever earn the endorsement of any environmental group, local, state, or national. But with the narrowing gap between Clinton and Sanders, this endorsement is no small thing. read more

Obama Hammers Republicans For Betraying Their Country On Climate Change

Coast Guard Speech Obama

It was prescient, then, that when President Obama addressed graduates of the Coast Guard Academy and told them that "denying it (climate change), or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security. Anything less is negligence. It is a dereliction of duty and it undermines the readiness of our forces," he was describing and referring to Republicans.

Extremist Climate Deniers Claim Historic Climate March Was An Attack On Their Way of Life

climate march flyer 1

The anti-science crowd loves science that gave them automobiles, medicine, electricity, sanitation, and ability to communicate easily with any location on Earth, and they depend on medical science to eliminate threats to their lives. It is curious, then, that when the preponderance of scientists from around the world warn them of an existential threat to their health, well-being, and their nation's survival, the extremists claim it is "an attack on their way of life."