gold star families

Trump Suggests Gold Star Families Could Have Infected Him with Coronavirus

President Donald Trump, who made headlines after testing positive for the novel coronavirus last week after months of downplaying a…

3 months ago

Tammy Duckworth: Trump Listens to Vladimir Putin But Not Our Gold Star Families

Tammy Duckworth continued her assault on Donald Trump on Friday following her speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention where…

5 months ago

Opinion: General Kelly Dehumanized A Women After Calling Women “Sacred”

During his presser, General Kelly spoke about a time when Gold Star families and women were sacred.

3 years ago

Rachel Maddow Reveals ‘Baffling’ Trump Decision That Led To Four Dead U.S. Soldiers In Niger

It's no surprise that the commander-in-chief won't touch this topic with a nine-foot pole, and instead, continues to wage a…

3 years ago

‘Moral Disgrace’: Rachel Maddow Lays Waste To Trump For Attacking Gold Star Families

"It's incomprehensible for us as a country to see those families, of all people, jerked around and lied to and…

3 years ago

Emotional Gold Star Parents Tell Trump They Want Him To Honor Their Son, Not Call Them

Trump continues to show this week that he has little interest in honoring the lives of all the men and…

3 years ago

Obama Puts A Big Nail In Trump’s Coffin By Standing Up For Gold Star Families

In contrast to Trump's attack on a Gold Star family, President Obama defended the families of the fallen while speaking…

4 years ago

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