Tea Party’s Joe Walsh Calls ‘Bullsh*t’ on Trump Decision to Hire Goldman Sachs Execs

"Mr Trump, this is bullshit. Can you hire someone who doesn't work for Goldman Sachs? What about that swamp? Huh? "

Taxpayers Screwed As Half Of Goldman Sachs Settlement With The DOJ Is Tax Deductible

US taxpayers get screwed again as half of the Goldman Sachs $5 billion settlement with the Department of Justice will be tax deductible.

Cruz Concealed Goldman Sachs Campaign Loan While Criticizing Wall Street In Senate Run

Cruz's actions, which his spokesperson now claims were "inadvertant," show that he is a hypocrite as well as dishonest

Hillary Clinton, TPP And The Lurking Elizabeth Warren

Hillary Clinton has a real conundrum on her hands. It's her walking-on-eggs observation about the upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership vote. The vote will be in tandem with another controversial trade deal with the European Union, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

The Koch Wall Street Crusade To Rob Pensions Is Underway

This is the class war billionaire Warren Buffet admitted his class was winning, and if any American doubted that the Kochs or Wall Street would stop at robbing retired people's incomes to satisfy their absolute greed, they are fools

One of His Victims Files a Civil Racketeering RICO Complaint Against Mitt Romney

Last Friday, a victim, Stephen "Laser" Haas, who has been denied justice for over a decade took the law into his own hands and filed a "Civil Racketeering" RICO complaint against Mitt Romney.

Irrational Republican Default Truthers Are Determined to Crash The Economy

The arguments of the Republican default truthers fly in the face of rational thought and economic experts who are predicting that a default will have detrimental effects on world financial systems.

Too Big To Fail Should Never Mean Too Big to Jail

Financial institutions may not face prosecution because they cannot go to jail, but the men and women committing fraud and money laundering should be criminally prosecuted and sent to jail.

The American People Are Being Punished Because Republicans Refused Pay Their Debts

Americans are being held responsible for Republicans' debt for two unnecessary wars, costly prescription plan, tax cuts for the rich, and gifts to the oil industry.

President Obama’s Strong Case Against the Corporate Push to Gut Social Security

In his Inaugural Address, the President assured the people he will fight to preserve their retirement investment, and he has the ability to make a strong case against the CEOs proposed cuts.

The Time is Now for Obama to Educate in Order to End the GOP Assault on Social Security

There has never been a better time for President Obama to educate the people about Social Security and its non-effect on the deficit and its financial health.

The Media Won’t tell You About Decades of Perjury Accusations Against Romney

There is a report that Willard Romney committed perjury in his friend's divorce proceedings, and it is not the first time he is accused of perjuring himself.

Romney and Ryan Have Not Given Voters One Single Reason to Trust Them

It appears there is a pattern of malfeasance and possible illegal activities that should be a warning that Romney and Ryan are not trustworthy and not suited for the highest offices in the land.

From Clinton to Obama: Reregulating the Deregulatory Era

Coming from what many would consider a "far Left" ideological foundation, my assertion is that this antagonism between the so-called "left" and "right" has been merely a smokescreen to divide us even further while the wealthy interests who actually dictate legislation---buying and manipulating politicians from both parties---continue to plunder our resources and bring our economy to the brink of collapse while we do nothing other than yell and scream at the other side.