Sen. Warren: ‘It’s Time to Break Up Amazon, Google and Facebook’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), desperate to increase her standing in the 2020 presidential polls, today called for the breakup of tech giants Amazon, Google and Facebook.

In a Medium blog post, Warren named specific “anti-competitive” mergers she wants reversed, including: read more

New Report Shows How Russia Helped Trump Get Elected

The Senate Intelligence Committee will release a new report this week that has the results of a study of the millions of social media posts provided to Congress detailing Russian efforts to help elect President Donald Trump, according to a Washington Post story Sunday. read more

Google Trolls Trump By Already Renaming Senate Office Building After John McCain

A day after Trump attacked Google, Google Maps changed the name of the Senate office building to honor the late Sen. John McCain.

Trump Wants To Regulate Google After He Saw Some Fake News About Rigged Search Results

Trump got the idea that Google search results are rigged against him from some fake news that was spread by Fox.

Apple CEO Lambasts Facebook and Zuckerberg For Privacy Violations

Facebook and Google use your personal data to make money. Consumer data is the core of their advertising businesses. By making your private data accessible to third parties they have attained a combined market value of $1.2 trillion.   read more

Media Matters Names Fake News and ‘Alt-Right’ Misinformer of the Year

Fake news is bad enough but as Media Matters explains, the “alt-right” "embraces it for a more dangerous purpose": harassment and death threats

Mark Zuckerberg Finally Commits to Fixing Facebook’s Fake News Problem

"Our goal is to connect people with the stories they find most meaningful, and we know people want accurate information."

400,000 Concerned Citizens Demand That Google Immediately Dump Trump

Activists will be delivering a petition to Google headquarters that has been signed by 400,000+ concerned citizens demanding that the search engine giant dump Trump and not fund the Republican convention.

Bernie Sanders Topples Donald Trump To Become The New King Of Google

There is one presidential candidate who had Americans turning to Google every time he spoke. Bernie Sanders has toppled Donald Trump as the most Googled candidate.

ALEC Threatens Progressives With A Lawsuit For Calling Out Its Lies

Interestingly, the Koch-backed anti-environmental group is threatening to file suit against progressive and liberal groups for accusing ALEC of lying about the reality of anthropogenic climate change.

After Terrible Tragedy, Jon Stewart Grieves For The Courageous Staff Of Charlie Hebdo

At the beginning of his show Wednesday night, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart paid tribute to the staff of French newspaper Charlie Hebdo after a terrorist attack on the paper's office claimed the lives of 12 people.

Joe The Plumber Says Guns Are For Hunting Down Politicians

Joe the Plumber declares that the most important reason for having guns is to hunt down politicians.

Republican Bigots Place Their Hopes in Saggy Man Breasts and a Cross

Our problem is less with Putin's fashion-sense or homoerotic subtext, than with the nonsensical nature of Republican arguments in favor of what the Russian strong-man is doing in the name of that cross dangling on his pasty, sagging, and no doubt once-manly hetero-chest.

Unaware He Was a Christian Activist, the Right Freaks Over Chavez Easter Google Doodle

Cesar Chavez was a Christian activist, basing his civil rights rallies upon Jesus' example of achieving social justice through non-violence, and is an iconic hero to Mexican Americans.

Lawrence O’Donnell Pokes Fun at Right Wing Fanatic Buster Wilson’s Meat

The AFA's Buster Wilson said a Google boycott would put his meat to the test but it was MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell who really tested his meat

And Google Shrugged – The Insane Fundamentalist Dream of Boycotting Google

The American Family Association is toying with the idea of boycotting Google because it supports LGBT rights. I say good luck with that.