GOP hypocrisy

Republican ‘Cancel Culture’ Hits New Low With Attacks Against D.C. Police

Sometimes we have to give republican pundits and lawmakers credit. They're really good at herding their right-wing hate media flock away…

4 months ago

Paul Ryan’s Lies Can’t Hide His True Belief that Stimulus Is the Path to Prosperity

Ryan's request for stimulus money proves he knows that the path to prosperity is not severe austerity measures and tax…

9 years ago

John Boehner Thinks You Are Blind and Stupid

House Speaker John Boehner resorted to blatant lies and hypocrisy to reiterate their 2010 campaign slogan of creating jobs that…

10 years ago

The Republican Way: Regulating Morality While Deregulating Corporations

While they work night and day to deregulate corporate America, Republicans and teabaggers want to regulate morality and pass laws…

11 years ago

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