A Look Inside A State Democratic Convention A.K.A. Vote for Colbert Busch Tomorrow

There's a lot of listening, clapping and jumping up and down at a Democratic state convention. Other than that, very little for delegates to except try to mobilize voters for Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

Ralph Nader Attacks the Imperial Presidency but Ignores the Do-Nothing Congress

Ralph Nader is railing against the "imperial presidency" but has nothing to say about our runaway, do-nothing Congress. It makes no sense to rail against the one while ignoring the other.

Right Wingers Claim Prayer Doomed Manchin-Toomey

You probably didn't know this but gun safety laws are "pagan" and it was prayer that defeated Manchin-Toomey

Elizabeth Colbert Busch Shows What A Democrat Has To Do to Win in the South

Elizabeth Colbert Busch had to try to appeal to Democrats, Republicans and Independents in her Monday night debate with Mark Sanford.

What You Need To Know For the Elizabeth Colbert Busch/ Mark Sanford Debate

This evening at the Citadel, the two candidates for the SC District 1 Congressional seat, will debate for an hour and fifteen minutes. Here is what you need to know.

Republicans Have Created a World Where Going to Work Can Get You Killed

The consequences of Republican deregulation and their weakening of OSHA has been an ongoing threat of death for American workers.

Fox News Says Rep. Keith Ellison Is ‘Very Dangerous’ Because He’s a Muslim

Apparently if you actually exercise your First Amendment rights to be something other than Christian, you're dangerous.

The Bush Presidential Library, Museum and Think Tank. Think Tank?

Thursday marks the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, not to mention a think tank. What a waste of money.

Bryan Fischer Says Liberals Hate America and Christianity

Bryan Fischer dishonestly says liberals hate America and Christianity because they want to replace America as it was founded

Larry Pratt: Bombing Seen by Liberals as Opportunity to Increase Government Control

Republicans want bombing suspect treated as enemy combatant but it's liberals who want increased government control?

Texas Is Anti-EPA and Their Citizens Have Paid With Their Lives

A self-inspected Fertilizer Company storing Anhydrous Ammonia blew up Wednesday killing and injuring around 200. OSHA last inspected 2007

It Is Time For Democratic Women to Usurp the Power of Male Republicans

By any measure, America is in decline. The fault lies almost completely with male Republicans. Democratic women must usurp the power.

15 Republican Governors Would Rather Kill Their Own Citizens Than Expand Medicaid

15 states with Republican governors are refusing to expand Medicaid even though the first 3 years are free and never more than 10% in state costs.

A Misleading and Highly Incomplete ‘Study’ Continues the GOP Attack on Obamacare

The Society of Actuaries conducted a study on the costs of medical claims and draws some scary conclusions. Exactly what the client paid for.

Sit on Your Ass and Watch Democracy Pass: People Need to Act Not Just Talk

The legislation being proposed by the GOP House is pathetic. Yet, little is heard from Democratic constituents. Activism is the answer.

Millions of America’s Gun Nuts Aren’t Hiding Their Yearning for Civil War

After years of manipulation and buying off elected officials, a large percentage of radical right-wingers are planning a civil war.

When One Receives a Political Email Full of Pure BS, You Know It Came From a Republican

There's a national email movement to demand the defunding of ACA. It's spearheaded by Heritage Action for America (HAA), an offshoot of the Heritage Foundation.

No Harm, No Foul as Rich Folks Have No Reason To Fear Sequestration

On March 1st a decision will be made that could impact millions for at least 9 years. Jobs will be lost and people will go hungry, but not the rich.

A Tea Party Texas Congressman wants to take a six-shooter to Sharia law

Texas Republican Representative, Louie Gohmert is convinced Sharia law is trying to take over the U.S. legal system. So, he's packing.

America’s Capitalism Has Embraced White Slaves as Well as Black

American capitalism supported white indentured servitude before and alongside black slavery and relinquished it only reluctantly.