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Opinion: Hateful GOP Belief That Americans Are Lazy Drives Resistance To Providing Coronavirus Relief

Are the majority of Americans lazy and averse to work? Would they prefer not to work and to enjoy a…

3 years ago

Coronavirus Highlights Contradictions in Our Economic System

Writing for CNN, Matt Egan recently reported, “US credit card debt suddenly reversed course in March and fell by the…

3 years ago

Opinion:The GOP’s False Choice between Saving Lives and Saving the Economy Is a Failure of the Imagination

The impatient discussion about when America can “re-open” for business has not only often proceeded, on the Republican side, with…

3 years ago

IMF Chief: Pandemic Will Cause ‘Worst Economic Fallout Since the Great Depression’

The head of the International Monetary Fund has issued a grim forecast about the world economy. As deaths from Coronavirus…

3 years ago

A Brief History of Saving Lives against U.S. Capitalism: From the Great Depression to Coronavirus

Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed an impatience to send Americans back to work and re-open all the businesses currently closed.…

3 years ago

Appellate Court Strikes Down Only Obama DOJ Victory Against Big Banks

Appeals Court rules that Bank of America is too big to levy a fine against after a jury found the…

7 years ago

The Entire World Knows GOP Trickle Down Is Disastrous For Americans And The Economy

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), has finally conducted comprehensive research and reported what every conscious human being on Earth already…

8 years ago

Jeb Bush Suggests That Hillary Clinton’s Only Qualification for President Is Her Husband

Jeb Bush said, "If someone wants to run a campaign about 90s nostalgia, it's not going to be very successful."

8 years ago

Marco Rubio Whines About Stimulus Five Years Later But Still Has No Ideas To Speak Of

Monday marked the fifth anniversary of President Obama's stimulus package that helped pull the nation out of the worst recession…

9 years ago

Republicans Disguise Their Economic Abuse of the American People as Debt Hysteria

Americans can hardly take much more economic abuse from Republicans and Wall Street CEOs, panting to cut spending under the…

10 years ago

While Republicans Focus on Public Debt, the Real Issue is Private Debt

Could the answer to the ongoing economic woes of the country be a forgiveness of household debt? At least one…

10 years ago