Texas Gov. Greg Abbott To Support Two Gun Control Measures

In a change of heart after the Santa Fe school shootingTexas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday that he could support some new gun control measures in his state.  Abbott is a Republican who has always worked to expand gun rights and has been against any form of gun control laws or regulations. read more

Texas Governor Who Forced Regulator To Drop Trump Fraud Case Received Hefty Donation

"It had to be political because Donald Trump was treated differently than any other scam artist in the 16 years I was at the consumer protection office."

It’s Indisputable – Republicans Hate America’s Democracy And Its Constitution

Over the past 7 years, Republicans have shown interest in eliminating parts of the Constitution that prevent them from ruling like dictators

A Very Texas Christmas – Evangelicals Force Another Nativity Scene To Be Taken Down

Texas' governor claimed that the sentiment that others celebrate the holidays in their own way was bullying and persecuting Christians

Violent Extremists Are Trying To Wage Guerrilla War Against U.S. Over Jade Helm Exercises

A few violent conspiracy nuts seem determined to wage a quixotic war on America.

Anti-Public School Evangelicals Now Control Alabama and Texas Education Boards

It is obvious that the owner of a professional sports franchise, say a National Football League team, would only hire a hair-stylist who detests, and has never played, the game of football as a general manager and head coach if they wanted their team to fail miserably. That is an absurd idea, but it is precisely what two religious Republican governors who want to decimate their state's public education system did in appointing evangelical anti-public education fanatics to run their state's public school systems.

Obama Rescues Arrogant and Ungrateful Texas Republicans With Federal Disaster Declaration

President Obama has rescued arrogant and ungrateful Texas Republicans by signing a federal disaster declaration for those areas impacted by the state's deadly floods.

Texas-Size GOP Hypocrisy As a Result of Climate Change Deluge

It is true that all Republicans are blatant hypocrites, but now that go-it-alone awesome Texas experienced a little anthropogenic climate change weather, the Lone Star State's Republicans, both tea party and mainstream Republicans alike, are demanding some of those hated "federal government handouts" they oppose for other Americans whether it is for food, housing, healthcare, or disaster relief.

Louie Gohmert: It’s Obama’s Fault We’re all Idiots

I paraphrase, but not by much. Gohmert uses nuns, the Posse Comitatus Act, and Waco 1993 to prove Obama is to blame

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert Latches Onto Loopy Jade Helm Conspiracy Theory

Texas GOP Congressman Louie Gohmert issued a statement on May 5, 2015, that gives voice to the bizarre Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theory.

Pentagon Debunks Crazy Republican Conspiracy Theory That Obama Is Taking Over Texas

Republicans like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) helped to push a conspiracy theory that President Obama is sending the military in to take over Texas, but the Pentagon has thrown cold water on the GOP's hysteria.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Orders State Militia To Monitor the U.S. Military

Instead of ignoring the paranoid Texans, or telling them to grow up, Texas Governor Greg Abbott incited more distrust by ordering a Texas militia to keep the real U.S. military under a watchful eye to prevent any violations of the Constitution and Texans' liberties.

Bush Appointed Judge Ignores Constitution While Blocking Obama’s Immigration Executive Order

A George W. Bush appointed judge ignored the Constitution while substituting his own policy whims in ruling that blocked President Obama's immigration executive order.

No Texas Messiah: A Requiem for Rick Perry

Rick Perry is another in a growing collection of GOP banditti. In the old days, the Texas Rangers would have been hunting him down. In today's Texas, he was their boss

Ted Nugent Observes Veterans Day By Calling Animal Rights Activists “Subhuman Mongrels”

Draft-dodging ammosexual Ted Nugent went back to the well and reused a favorite insult of his when he referred to animal rights activists as "subhuman mongrels" on Tuesday.

Militia Member Met With Greg Abbott Days Before His Arrest On Illegal Weapons Charges

K.C. Massey, a member of a militia that 'patrols' the Texas border, met with and posed for photos with Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbot just four days before his arrest on illegal weapons charges.

Republicans Amp Up The Fire and Brimstone By “Joking” That Wendy Davis Is Going To Hell

"Hear the one about Wendy Davis going to hell?" At an event held at a Tex-Mex restaurant in Frisco, Greg Abbott was introduced by apparent jester-in-chief, state Rep. Pat Fallon.

Don’t Let The Republican Tactic of Suppress and Confuse Steal Your Voice

One of the ironies of court wars over vote suppression laws lies in the fact that proponents of suppressing the vote argue they want to preserve the "status quo" in the name of preventing confusion among voters.

NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Calls For The Assassination Of President Obama

In a post on his Facebook page Tuesday, has-been rocker Ted Nugent wrote that if those who supported the NRA and the 2nd Amendment didn't get their freedom that they'd demand the "evil carcasses" of President Obama and other notable Democrats.