Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Claims Trump Didn’t Separate Children From Their Parents: “It’s a Load of Hooey”

There were many disgraceful things that happened during Donald Trump’s presidency. But perhaps the most revolting element of the 45th president’s was his family separation policy.

That Donald Trump made orphans of children seeking asylum in the United States is not in doubt. It is estimated that at least 545 children were separated from their parents due to the measure. read more

WATCH: Gaslighting Fox News Host Greg Gutfield Says Trump’s Georgia Call is Just a Media Hoax

People in the cable news media are expected to spin stories. Regardless of what side of the aisle they’re on, commentators often want to make the news look more favorable to them.

But the idea of spin has become very difficult in the age of Trump. So the media figures of Fox News, OAN and Newsmax have decided that it’s just easier to gaslight their viewers. It is easier to pretend something never happened rather than defending the indefensible. read more

Friday Fox Follies – Comedy Club Crisis

The news that Fox's Greg Gutfeld To Host His Own Comedy Show has caused crisis of confidence. Heretofore Friday Fox Follies treated all of Fox "News" as a meta-comedy/reality show -- a cross between The Colbert Report and the short-lived The Joe Schmo Show. Maybe only Greg Gutfeld is in on the joke.