Donald Trump Calls Bush’s Release of 113 Prisoners a ‘Terrible Decision’ by Obama

Donald Trump Calls Bush’s Release of 113 Prisoners a ‘Terrible Decision’ by Obama

Trump tweeted about "122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration" but 113 of them were released by President Bush

7 years ago

Republicans Join With Democrats In A Rare Bipartisan Senate Effort To Ban Torture

The vote in the Republican-controlled Senate on Monday was an overwhelming bipartisan statement that the President's 2009 executive order banning…

8 years ago

Fact-checking GOP Claims That Tsarnaev Should Be Designated an Enemy Combatant

The Republicans are advocating violating the constitution in their efforts to designate the Boston suspect as an enemy combatant.

11 years ago

There Must be a Better Way to Compromise Than By Bringing Fiscal Harm to Seniors

POTUS Obama has revived a plan that will cost those who can least afford it, money. Elderly seniors could lose…

11 years ago

Zero Dark Thirty – An Encore of Bush Administration Talking Points?

The torture debate is making an encore performance with the buzz around 'Zero Dark Thirty', a fictional account of Osama…

11 years ago

Michael Salman and Conservative DIY Martyrdom

Michael Salman claims he was holding small bible studies in his home but he built a 2,000 square foot church…

11 years ago

We the People Call On Congress To Stop Obstructing The Closure Of GITMO

Nothing about Guantanamo Bay is consistent with "protecting who we are." Ever since GITMO, torture and rendition became accepted policies,…

12 years ago