Fox News’ Brit Hume Denies the size of the Gulf Oil Spill

Fox News is still in full spin mode when it comes to the Gulf oil spill. Since the explosion, the network has been touting the virtues of offshore drilling, while downplaying the damage from the Gulf spill. However, Fox News Sunday's Brit Hume took it to new low today, when he doubted the size of the spill because the oil has not covered the coast yet. Hume asked, "Where is the oil?"

While In the Gulf Obama Shows the GOP How to Lead

President Obama delivered remarks in Venice, LA today after touring the Gulf Coast area and getting a look at the BP Oil Spill. While the right wing media has been portraying this event as Obama's Katrina, the president showed the type of leadership that was missing from the GOP after Hurricane Katrina, "Your government will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to stop this crisis." Obama sure isn't W.

BP Debunks Right Wing Oil Spill Conspiracy Theories

Today on ABC's This Week BP Chairman and President Lamar McKay put to rest all of the right wing conspiracy theories that the Gulf Oil spill was an act of terrorism carried out by left wing environmentalists, or a foreign government. Instead McKay said the probable cause less sinister and more mundane, "I believe we've got a failed piece of equipment."