New House Democrats Have Their Sights Set On Gun Control

Sarah Palin sounded the alarm on Twitter when she wrote:

“Here They Come: Dems Planning ‘Aggressive’ Gun Control Push When They Take Over House”

Here They Come: Dems Planning 'Aggressive' Gun Control Push When They Take Over House read more

NRA Election Spending Is Cut In Half As Gun Debate Changes

So far this year the National Rifle Association (NRA) has spent just $11 million on midterm races, less than half of the amount of money it spent on the midterms in 2014.

The National Rifle Association, long seen as a kingmaker in Republican politics, is taking a lower profile in this year's midterm campaign. It has put $11 million into midterm races this year, less than half of what it spent four years ago. read more

Rachel Maddow Shreds Chuck Grassley For ‘Personally’ Making Guns Accessible To The Mentally Ill

Grassley was the lead sponsor of legislation that made it harder to add the names of mentally ill individuals to the FBI database.

Broward County Sheriff Busts NRA Talking Points: ‘We Need Less Guns In America, Not More’

"Lawmakers got to change the way they do things. The same old same old just ain't working. ... We need less guns in America, not more guns in America."

The White House Is Hiding Photos Of Trump Signing Bill To Reverse Key Obama-Era Gun Regulation

It's no surprise that Trump doesn't want to release a photograph of him making it more likely, not less, for more tragedies like Parkland to happen in the future.

Your Thoughts And Prayers Aren’t Working: At Least 20 Killed In Sickening Church Mass Shooting

To GOP politicians: When you repeatedly shed crocodile tears over mass shootings, then follow it up by refusing to do anything to prevent the next one, nobody hears you anymore.

Top Bump Stock Manufacturer To Resume Sales Of Deadly Device After GOP Congress Refuses To Act

A satisfied gun lobby that keeps raking in the dough means GOP campaign coffers remain full going into next year's midterm elections. Apparently, everything else is irrelevant.

Two-Thirds Of Voters Demand Tougher Gun Laws After GOP Pretends Vegas Shooting Never Happened

Republicans may continue to live in their NRA-funded bubbles, but it's clear the American people – Democrats, Independents and Republicans – are still hungry for tougher gun laws. 

Rachel Maddow Reveals The Chilling Reason Why The Las Vegas Killer’s Arsenal Went Unnoticed

Rachel Maddow

With gun shows nearly every weekend in Las Vegas, the city is a living and breathing example of America's longstanding problem with firearm-related violence.

Hillary Clinton Steps Up To The Plate With Unifying Message After Virginia Shooting

While partisans on both sides of the aisle have been using the opportunity to point fingers and blame their political opponents for today's shooting, Clinton's message struck exactly the right tone at exactly the right time.

State GOP Wants Victims of Gun Violence To Prove They Did Not Deserve To Be Shot

A Florida Republican believes the prosecutor should have to prove why the victim of a stand-your-ground shooting didn’t deserve to be shot.

Trump Signs Measure Restoring Access To Guns For Thousands Of Mentally Ill Americans

Donald Trump

The rule would have applied to 75,000 people who were deemed mentally unfit to purchase a firearm.

With Blood On Their Hands, Republicans Flee DC For Summer Without Passing Any Gun Bills

Declining to pass a bill to even stop terrorists from legally buying guns in this country, House Republicans ran for their summer recess while telling reporters that their flight was "leadership."

After Orlando Shooting, The Fact-Free Firearm Fanatics Are Out In Full Force

gun show

Gun nuts make the same arguments following deadly mass shootings – all of them high on emotion and short on truth.

BUSTED: NRA Hypocrite Wayne LaPierre Supported Closing All Loopholes Back in 1999

The NRA's Wayne LaPierre was in favor of universal background checks and closing all loopholes -- way back in 1999.

If You Think You Know the Real Hillary Clinton, Watch Her Powerful Remarks On Charleston

"Like many of you, I was so overcome, how to turn grief, confusion into purpose and action. But that's what we have to do."

North Carolina GOP Attempts to Violate the Constitution by Proposing an Official State Religion

Republicans in the state's legislature are proposing an official state religion by exempting North Carolina from following the Constitution's separation of church and state.

Justice For Trayvon: We Can Beat City Hall – and NRA as Well

After the killing of Trayvon Martin will we realize that after having success against Komen and Rush, we can stand up and take on the NRA?