Gun Owners of America

If You Think Trump is Insane, Listen to What the Cruz Campaign is Selling

One could easily come to the conclusion that a prerequisite for the GOP is a history of mental illness and…

7 years ago

When it Comes to Shootings, the Party of Life Becomes the Party of “Meh”

The Republican Party likes to label itself pro-life but as its callous attitude towards mass shootings show, it's really the…

7 years ago

It’s Getting Hard to Tell Where Sovereign Citizens End and Republicans Begin

Both Republicans and so-called sovereign citizens are citizens and subject to federal authority. If not, we should rethink deportation laws

8 years ago

Gun Rights Advocate Says People Should Use Guns To Prevent Obama From Becoming A Tyrant

In an appearance on Newsmax TV Monday, gun rights activist Larry Pratt said that the reason President Obama is for…

8 years ago

According to Larry Pratt, Liberals Do Not Live in Fact-Based World

Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America, appeared on Gordon Klingenschmitt's "Pray in Jesus' Name" yesterday and called liberals…

8 years ago

Extremists Launch Treasonous Plot to Overthrow President Obama A Week Before Thanksgiving

Right wing extremists have proclaimed a date a week before Thanksgiving to demand the surrender of President Obama to face…

9 years ago

Gun Owners of America and its Racist Justification for Gun Violence

Citing concerns for gun owners faced by "black mobs" Gun Owners of America isn't even trying to hide its racist…

10 years ago

Right Wingers Claim Prayer Doomed Manchin-Toomey

You probably didn't know this but gun safety laws are "pagan" and it was prayer that defeated Manchin-Toomey

10 years ago

Larry Pratt: Bombing Seen by Liberals as Opportunity to Increase Government Control

Republicans want bombing suspect treated as enemy combatant but it's liberals who want increased government control?

10 years ago

Republicans Have Created Racist Frenzy With Baseless Obama Gun Confiscation Talk

the NRA, Republicans, and so-called patriots are driving gun fanatics and racists into frenzy by asserting President Obama is on…

10 years ago