Debate on Gun Violence Limited by Either-Or Thinking

There have been 101 school shootings since Newtown. Obama said afteward, "the time is now." It is now well past time, and nothing has been done

Two Year-Old Walmart Shooter A Year-End Scream for Gun Law Reform

It’s the end of an eventful year and the beginning of a new one. I had visions of a fresh start as I sat down to write my final political words of 2014. I’ve had a lot to say about American gun culture over the past 12 months and figured it might be refreshing to explore a different issue. But as I perused The New York Times and came across the headline, Woman at Walmart Is Accidentally Shot Dead by 2-Year-Old Son, I was reminded that it’s nearly impossible to forget about guns in this country for any length of time. read more

Common Sense: Washington State Voters Approve Expanded Background Checks On Gun Sales

Voters in Washington overwhelmingly passed an initiative that would expand the state's background check laws. Initiative 594 calls for background checks to be performed on all gun purchases in the state, not just those through licensed dealers.

NRA Says People Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Guns Since They’re Just Metal And Plastic

In a video released by the NRA Monday, commentator Billy Johnson asked people to be more tolerant of guns and stop being scared of them. In the video, he claimed that we as a society have humanized guns too much and people have become too intimidated of them.

After Tuesday’s Shootings, America Has Witnessed 86 School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

On Tuesday, not one but two shootings occurred at high schools in this nation. These two shootings represent the 85th and 86th school shootings since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT in late 2012.

NRA Reacts To Nine Year Old With Uzi Shooting Her Instructor: Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

Every day the headlines contain a few stories about gun related deaths.

Regarding Mass Shootings, The United States’ Motto Is ‘We’re Number One!’

We're number one. No, not in education, health or any other social programs, but in gun crimes. As of June 10, 2014, there have been 117 mass shootings in the United States this year.

‘Downright Weird’ Gun Nuts May Lead to NRA Finally Losing the Political Battle On Gun Laws

On Monday, a poll, conducted by Huffington Post and YouGov, was released. The poll asked Americans their feelings about open-carry gun laws and whether or not they were comfortable with armed customers in shops and restaurants.

Georgia Law Would Allow You to Stand Your Ground on Public Transportation

Sponsored by Rep. Rick Jasperse, R-Jasper, House Bill 875 would allow guns to be carried in churches, bars, and even some government buildings

Missouri Republicans Set to Arrest Federal Agents and Let Criminals Go Free

Missouri Republicans want to nullify federal gun laws with House Bill 436 and will vote today to override Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon's veto

New Poll: 85% of Gun Owners Support the Background Checks in Senate Dems Bill

Created by Democratic Underground

It turns out the"liberal extremists" that Wayne LaPierre warned were pushing background check legislation are 85% of U.S. gun owners.

Show Me State Republicans Need Somebody to Show them Reality on Gun Control

If any facet of the GOP's war on America has grown to lunatic proportions, it is gun control. The more people die from gun violence, the more the GOP sinks into denial.

The NRA’s American Dream: Another Child Dead, Woman Points a Gun at School Official

The Republican/NRA American dream is coming true. A 3-year-old is killed while playing with a loaded pink handgun and a woman pulls a gun at an all girls school during carpool pick up.

The NRA Puts Pro Sports Teams In Its Crosshairs But Not the RNC

NRA has a very long 'enemies list' that includes sports teams, but they left the RNC off their list even after the GOP banned guns at their convention.

After Accidental Shooting at The Dixie Gun Show, Organizers Warn No Personal Firearms

The Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, North Carolina has been closed after an accidental gun shooting in the Jim Graham Building injured two people.

The President’s Gun Safety Plan and List of Executive Orders, Directives, and Memos

Read the President's Plan to protect our children and our communities by reducing gun violence and the list of executive actions signed today.