America Is Seriously Sick And There Is No Healing

Everyone from President Obama to the mayor of Charleston has made a specific point of saying the aftermath of a racially-motivated gun massacre of nine innocent and unarmed African Americans is a time for healing. Although they said the right thing, everyone is certainly sincere and they mean well, and they truly hope to comfort the victims' families, survivors, and distressed Americans suffering the same pain, disgust, outrage, and sadness they feel after every other senseless gun slaughter. However, there is no healing for this sick, violent, and racist nation, and everyone knows it.

Just as you thought mass shooting stories couldn’t get more grotesque, 20 children are gunned down

Five decent, caring, dedicated and hard working adults were wiped out in Sandy Hook Elementary School by someone brandishing two 9mm pistols (a Glock and Sig Sauer) and a Bushmaster .223 AR-15 rifle. Tragically, 20 little boys and girls were also killed, either kindergartners or first graders. The school was populated by 5-10 year olds. This is highly personal. My father-in-law was raised in Newtown, where the village of Sandy Hook is located. The current Newtown population is about 26,000. My wife is a teacher. We have 5 children, 3 grandchildren. read more