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ABC’s Martha Raddatz Suggests Biden Used Hate Speech As Corporate Media Defends Fascists

ABC’s Martha Raddatz Suggests Biden Used Hate Speech As Corporate Media Defends Fascists

ABC's Martha Raddatz suggested that Biden used hate speech in remarks calling out the MAGA GOP as fascists.

2 years ago

Opinion: How Messaging Destroyed the Democracy Show

Three years of Donald Trump and his crazy reality show showed us how messaging destroyed the democracy show. You may…

5 years ago

Opinion: Nothing About Our Race Problem is Left To the Imagination

Trump leaves nothing to the imagination, including our race problem . Back in 2016, I suggested that Trump is capable…

5 years ago

Charleston church grieves synagogue massacre, angry at Trump rhetoric

Parishoners at the historic black Emanuel church in Charleston, South Carolina, on Sunday grieved this weekend's Pittsburgh synagogue massacre and…

6 years ago

Facebook introduces new rules on advertising, hate speech

Facebook said on Wednesday it would introduce tougher rules on who can make money from advertising on its network, responding…

7 years ago

Opinion: Calls For Liberal Genocide and Deporting Jews Are Part of the Trump Effect

The Democratic Party is the socialist party because they are anti-Americans, they're not pro-Americans. They're liars and misleaders, and we…

7 years ago

Trump’s Joint Session of Congress Performance Gave “VOICE” to Hate

Hate speech remains hate speech even when read from a teleprompter and spewed with a smile.

7 years ago

Woman Uses Baseball Bat On Preacher Known For “You Deserve to Be Raped” Sign

A preacher who has spent years spewing hate speech at students and at public events learned there are physical consequences…

8 years ago

Coca-Cola Dumps Trump And Declines To Sponsor The Republican Convention

In February ColorOfChange sent letters to Coca-Cola, Google, Xerox, Adobe Systems, AT&T, and Cisco Systems asking them not to support…

8 years ago

Trump Supporter Shouts “Sieg Heil” As African American Protester Is Removed

It was bound to happen sooner rather than later, but although everyone knew it was coming it was still a…

8 years ago

Trump’s Extremist Bigotry Against Muslims Is Now The Republican Moderate Position

Maybe now it is time for sane Americans to stop laughing or shaking their heads in disgust at Trump and…

8 years ago

Marco Rubio Says Marriage Equality a Real and Present Danger to Christianity

Rubio talks about being globally competitive, but does hating gays more than Putin's Russia make us globally competitive, too?

9 years ago

A&E’s Decision to Suspend Phil Robertson Is Not a Freedom of Speech Issue

Whether or not one is inclined towards intellectual masochism by watching A&E's "Duck Dynasty," the decision to suspend one of…

10 years ago

What Do You Do With a 16-Year-Old Who Calls for the Assassination of Obama?

Last night, a 16-year-old Caucasian girl tweeted, 'Someone needs to assassinate Obama... like ASAP #DieYouPieceOfShit'. For this, she gained a…

12 years ago

Why the GOP is the Party of Choice for Sociopaths and Psychopaths

Pastor John Hagee's hateful preaching is an example of why the GOP has become the party of choice for sociopaths…

12 years ago

Tone Deaf Santorum Supporter At Shooting Range Yells ‘Pretend It’s Obama’

Today while GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum was at a campaign stop in West Monroe, Louisiana target shooting, one of…

12 years ago