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Healthcare Fixes Could Help Millions Right Now

In the midst of a devastating pandemic, fresh ideas to cover the 30 million currently uninsured Americans are more important…

10 months ago

Opinion: Alicia Garza and William Barber Explain Why Black Lives Matter is the Ultimate Antidote to Trumpism

Recent polling indicates that an overwhelming number of Americans, close to 75%, support the protests, inspired by George Floyd’s murder,…

1 year ago

Opinion: A Prescription for Good Health in America? Andrew Yang Says Fix Trump’s Failed Economy

When Democratic primary candidates were asked last Thursday about the economic policy platforms of their campaigns in light of the…

2 years ago

Trump To Delay Signing Tax Bill So The Devastating Impacts Aren’t Felt Until After Midterms

If this is such a fine piece of legislation, why didn't congressional Republicans rush it to the White House today…

4 years ago

Trump Justice Dept. Launches Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Based On Debunked Conspiracy

When a conspiracy theorist is elected President of the United States, these are the things you can expect to happen.

4 years ago

Trump’s Sabotage Efforts A Miserable Failure As Obamacare Signups Break Record

In the early going, it appears that Trump's efforts to keep people from getting health insurance are failing – but…

4 years ago

GOP Congressman Melts Down After Being Called Out For Cutting Anti-Addiction Funding

Republicans want you to believe they give a hoot about the opioid crisis in America, while they continue to vote for…

4 years ago

Faux Christian Jerry Falwell Jr. Tells Trump To Label GOPers Who Oppose Him ‘Fake Republicans’

No, Republicans who have opposed some or all of Trump's dangerous agenda are not "fake." But religious leaders like Falwell…

4 years ago

CNN’s Erin Burnett Shreds ‘Hypocrite-In-Chief’ Trump After He Signs His 50th Executive Order

Look, the facts are the president is not keeping his word. He signed 50 executive orders since the day he…

4 years ago

Chuck Schumer Tells Trump To Get Lost After POTUS Begs Him To Help Repeal Obamacare

Schumer told the president that Obamacare repeal is "off the table" and he should join other Republicans who are working…

4 years ago

Trump’s Cruelty Exposed As He Denied Red State Request To Stabilize Health Insurance Market

Trump's refusal to take action that would actually help people is proof of what we've already known about this president:…

4 years ago

Trump Ignorance Unfolds In Real Time As He Tweets Healthcare Win Then Realizes He Lost

President Trump expressed a happy expected win on the GOP health care bill after Friday, only to learn after that…

4 years ago

Tom Price Used $300K In Taxpayer Funds For Private Travel While Trying To Take Your Health Care

Instead of using taxpayer dollars to enrich himself, perhaps Tom Price – and his boss – should use the funds…

4 years ago

Trump’s Health Secretary Is Using Taxpayer Money For Expensive Flights On Private Jets

As Price squanders U.S. taxpayer funds for his expensive private flights, he and his boss are working tirelessly to take…

4 years ago

Trump Tweets Blatant Lie That Graham-Cassidy Bill Protects Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

The new health care legislation, which Republicans are now working to ram through the Senate, gives states the option of…

4 years ago

John McCain Compares New Obamacare Repeal Effort To ‘Murder Or Train Robbery’

"[The process for the Cassidy-Graham bill] is better but it's not what the Senate is supposed to be doing," he…

4 years ago

Joy Reid Crushes New Obamacare Repeal Bill With Damning Analysis Of Who It Would Hurt

Like a villain in a horror movie that appears one last time to wreak havoc, Republicans are again making one…

4 years ago

Bernie Sanders Completely Dismantles GOP Argument Against Single Payer In 60 Seconds

"We have a Medicare system right now. It is a good system. ... Let's expand that program to every man,…

4 years ago

Potential 2020 Democratic Nominees Are Lining Up Behind New Single-Payer Health Care Bill

The move by top Democrats sets up a stark contrast between themselves and Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 election.

4 years ago

New Obamacare Repeal Bill Has Been Killed Before Most People Knew It Existed

The White House wants to see the plan approved by Congress, but not even GOP leadership is interested in pushing…

4 years ago

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