With Their Morality in the Morgue House Republicans Kill Wall Street Regulations

While the country hung on every word of James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday morning and then spent the rest of the day analyzing the Senators questions and his responses and the implications for the Trump/Russia investigation, House Republicans were quietly stripping away protections of the momentous Dodd-Frank Act.

Long Awaited “Obamacare” Replacement Epitomizes Republican Savagery

Republicans finally revealed their "replacement" health care "reform” that literally robs healthcare from tens-of-millions of Americans.

Why Americans Can’t Have Universal Healthcare Like Europeans

Americans are not interested in paying significantly higher income taxes to have ‘government-provided' healthcare

Former Bush Adviser Claims Democrats Moved Further Left than Republicans Moved Right

Peter Wehner says the liberal claim that Republicans are the ones who have become more extreme over the years is a "self-flatting but false narrative."

John Boehner Says We Finally Have a Senate That is Actually Working

Boehner's reaction to Senate dysfunction is to claim a change of leadership in the Senate has given us a Senate that is actually working.

A Presidents’ Day Examination Of the Monumental Hurdles that President Obama Has Overcome

Instead of waxing philosophically on the achievements of past presidents, it is worthwhile to take stock of the current President and recognize the monumental hurdles he cleared while battling Republicans who made destroying his presidency and the nation's economy their sole reason for serving in Congress.

The Real Villains Behind the Criticisms of Obamacare

The media is quick to look for anything negative about Obamacare, but they protect the real culprit: insurance company behavior

GOP Hypocrites Criticize The ACA Website But Stood By Bush’s Medicare Part D Roll Out

Instead of decrying the Medicare prescription plan as an abject failure, Republicans denouncing the ACA's rollout as a reason to abandon the entire law asked Americans to be patient.

Rabid Dog Ted Cruz Urges The GOP to Defund the Military in Order to Stop Obamacare

The depth of Republican madness was revealed when Sen. Ted Cruz suggested shutting down the military if President Obama and Democrats fail to acquiesce and kill the ACA.

Republicans Hit a New Low By Making Obama’s Syria Success About Race

What Republicans are really angry about is the Black man in the Oval Office achieved a long-standing American, Middle East, and international goal without wasting one life or dollar of taxpayer money.

Evangelical Corporations Try To Force Their Employees To Follow Their Religious Beliefs

At issue is whether a secular corporation with no business relationship or involvement in a religion can be considered religious and force its employees to follow the corporation's religious beliefs.

The Kochs and Their Corporate Arm ALEC Are Out to Destroy the Healthcare System

There is no doubt the Kochs and their corporate arm ALEC are out to end the healthcare system starting with Medicare and Medicaid.

Barack Obama May Go Down As the Only President Who Excelled In the Face of Racism

Barack Obama, may go down as the only president in the nation's history who excelled in spite of hostility borne of racism, and an opposition party intent on sabotaging his presidency.

Starbucks Shows that Healthcare isn’t a Job Killer by Adding 1,500 Cafes

Starbucks, which offers healthcare benefits to its eligible part time employees, is expanding with 1500 more cafes in America in the middle of ObamaCare.

The Medical Debt of Colorado Shooting Victims Cries out for Healthcare Reform

Many victims of the Colorado shootings are facing ruinous financial debt due to expensive surgeries and rehabilitation for their wounds.

Upholding Obamacare is a Win for America

Without question, the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Healthcare bill makes this a great day for Americans who would be denied access to healthcare, if the GOP had its way.

Scott Walker Screws Wisconsin as He Vows to Violate Federal Healthcare Law

Ignoring the looming November 16 deadline for states to submit plans for their health insurance exchanges, Walker is going to wait for the 'next president' and Congress to repeal it.

Republicans Have Been Emboldened by a Lazy Media that Won’t Call Out Their Lies

If Republicans were called on every one of their lies during interviews, on political talk shows, or during the evening news, they may abandon lying as their modus operandi.