Mitt Romney Unveils His Healthcare Plan: Don’t Get Sick

A president Romney will allow health insurance industry to offer bare-bones coverage with higher premiums and pre-existing conditions will not be covered. In other words, don't get sick.

Money and Lies at the Heart of Republican Strategy in 2010

They blame healthcare reform but if any physicians drop their patients, it won't be because of "Obamacare." It will be because of the 1997 Balanced Budget Act.

Republicans Talk and Hate and Offer no Solutions

You can search and search; you can look high and low, but you won't find much. Right now, the closest thing the Republicans seem to have to a real policy is orchestrating a win for Bristol on DWTS.

The Myth of Self-Regulation

If a government has no right right, and moreover, no obligation to protect the people on whose behalf it was established in the first place, then what rights and obligations do governments have?

Ten Things You’ll Be Voting Against if You Vote Republican

Today is the day we go to vote in the 2010 midterm elections. The results of this election will reverberate far beyond our localities; they will affect the entire country and indeed, the entire world.

The GOP Wants a Return to the Gilded Age. Do You?

Unregulated capitalism gave us the evils of the Gilded Age. Unregulated capitalism gave us the crash of 2008 that has left not just America, but much of the world, reeling.

Women of the Progressive Voting Bloc, Stand Up!

Women of the progressive voting bloc, how long have we been sleeping? I'm not sure how we got here, but our medical rights are not being honored as they should be. The administration is currently going to ban abortion coverage in the newly created Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans. This ban would prevent women with serious pre-existing medical conditions — like cancer or diabetes — from getting the abortion coverage they need to protect their health.

Fox News Refutes Glenn Beck’s Attack on the Slaughter Solution

The brewing battle between the journalists at Fox News and Glenn Beck took a new turn today as Hill reporter Carl Cameron refuted the right wing, including FNC's own Glenn Beck's attack, on the so called Slaughter Solution as an unprecedented move to pass healthcare reform. Cameron said, "Deeming has been used literally for centuries."

Glenn Beck Claims that Jesus Christ Opposed Social Justice

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck claimed that the concept of social justice is a perversion of the gospel, and that social justice is not something that Jesus would talk about. Beck said that social justice is, "a perversion of the gospel." Beck's point was that the gospel is really about capitalism and free market economics. According to Beck, Jesus was an anti-government conservative.

The Daily Show Mocks Republicans for Invoking the Rapture to Stop Healthcare Reform

On The Daily Show last night host Jon Stewart and correspondent John Oliver satirized Republicans like Rep. Todd Akin for invoking the rapture and asking God to stop healthcare reform. Oliver said that the rapture would, "link healthcare reform with lakes of fire, marauding demons, and the destruction of mankind on earth in the minds of surviving swing voters."

Bill O’Reilly Compares Obama and Heathcare to George W. Bush and Iraq

On his FNC program The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly engaged in full blown fear mongering tonight as he compared President Obama's attempts to pass healthcare reform with George W. Bush's belief that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the United States. Only in the fractured realm of Fox News could a healthcare bill be equated with an unjust war that has killed thousands of people.

Rachel Maddow and Orrin Hatch Continue Their Feud on Twitter

Rachel Maddow Orrin Hatch Lies About Healthcare

Last night on her MSNBC program, Rachel Maddow went after the Senate Republicans' hypocrisy and lies against healthcare reform, but she specifically targeted Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT). Maddow characterized Hatch's recent op-ed in The Washington Post as containing, "blatant, outright, laugh out loud falsehoods."Hatch responded by Twittering to complain about how Maddow ran him down and he called it a badge of honor.

In Healthcare Remarks Obama Rejects Both the Left and the Right

Obama moves to the middle on healthcare

The most interesting portion of President Obama's statement on healthcare reform today was not that he called for an up or down vote on the bill, but that he rejected both the positions of the left and the right on healthcare reform. Obama said, "I don't believe we should give government bureaucrats or insurance company bureaucrats more control over health care in America."

On Fox News: Shep Smith Obliterates GOP Healthcare Talking Points

Republican Sen. John Thune was on Fox News' Studio B program trying to sell the talking point that healthcare reform would raise premiums but host Shep Smith would have none of it. Smith went off, "That's not true, senator. That is not true that is not what the CBO said. I know your talking points. I know the other side's talking points..."

Sean Hannity Claims That No Conservative Opposes Healthcare Reform

On his radio show today, Sean Hannity claimed that no conservative opposes healthcare reform. Hannity said, "No conservative is against healthcare reform...all there's been is alienation and derisive comments by the Democrats." He actually said this with a straight face, seriously.

Rush Limbaugh Anoints Himself the Leader of America’s Uninsured

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh proclaimed that he too is one of America's 47 million uninsured, and that he is providing leadership by demonstrating how cheap healthcare really is. Limbaugh said, " If you can afford a pretty expansive media room, you can afford what I spent in the hospital."

Rush Limbaugh Gushes Over Unionized Hospitals and Socialized Medicine

While leaving a Hawaii hospital that he was admitted to for chest pains, Rush Limbaugh used himself as an example of why the health care system does not need reformed. Limbaugh said that the healthcare system works, "just fine and dandy," but the Hawaii system is the model for the Democratic reform plan, and the hospital is unionized. Limbaugh has cluelessly endorsed socialized medicine and unionization.

Victory for Democrats and America: HEALTHCARE IS PASSED IN THE SENATE

We have done it. We corralled a dispirited Democratic caucus, fought a rabid right wing media machine, overcame our own ennui, to arrive here. At the beginning of a great moment in American history. Landmark moment. We will all be able to tell our grand kids that we were a part of this. And they won't understand how this great country could have ever let her people suffer and die due to lack of healthcare.

Al Franken’s Not So Subtle Message to Joe Lieberman

On the Senate floor today, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) sent Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) a strong message today when as acting president he denied Lieberman's request for more time to speak. The message was simple. If Lieberman is going to destroy healthcare reform, then he shouldn't count on getting any future help from Democrats.