Biden’s Build Back Better Would Give 3.4 Million More Americans Health Insurance

Build Back Better would be the largest expansion of health insurance coverage since Obamacare in 2010.

2 months ago

Should Medicare Be Covering Unproven Drugs? The Explosive Controversy that Exposes Big Flaws in Our Healthcare System.

On June 7, the F.D.A approved the use of the controversial Alzheimer’s treatment Aduhelm. This led to a backlash from…

4 months ago

NY Got Close to Passing Single-Payer Healthcare–Then Special Interests Squashed It

Many New Yorkers were expecting this year would be the one in which New York finally passed the "New York…

7 months ago

We’re Getting Health Care Totally Wrong

cost caps is the right solution on healthcareSince Congress passed the Affordable Care Act a decade ago, we’ve gotten totally…

7 months ago

Biden Reopens Federal Health Insurance Marketplace

President Joe Biden announced he would reopen the federal health insurance marketplace for three months, emphasizing the importance of ensuring…

11 months ago

Biden Is Delivering The Senate To Democrats By Making SCOTUS Fight About Obamacare

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is delivering votes to Senate Democratic candidates by making the SCOTUS fight about Obamacare.

1 year ago

Biden Just Turned The SCOTUS Vacancy Into Trump’s Worst Nightmare

During a speech in Philadelphia, Joe Biden made Trump's nightmares come true by tying the Supreme Court vacancy to healthcare.

1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi Just Showed Why The SCOTUS Fight Is Backfiring On Trump

Speaker Pelosi used Trump's rush to get a new Supreme Court justice against the president and showed why it is…

1 year ago

Obama Says Biden and Sanders’ Goals Aren’t That Different: They Both Want Healthcare for Everybody

Barack Obama has said there's little difference between Bernie Sanders' and Joe Biden's political goals. The former President pointed to…

1 year ago

Most Americans Are Worried Pharmaceutical Companies Will Cash in on the Pandemic and Raise Drug Prices

According to new Gallup and West Health polling, which surveyed 1,016 U.S. adults in mid-May, nine in 10 U.S. adults…

2 years ago

Trump Supports Taking Healthcare Away From 20 Million As The Economy Collapses

Trump admitted during Sunday's coronavirus briefing that he supports the lawsuit that would kill the ACA even while the economy…

2 years ago

10 Years After Passing Affordable Care Act, Obama Says It’s ‘Progress Worth Protecting’ Against Republican Attempts To End It

In conjunction with a political organization called "Protect Our Care," which seeks to provide "outreach, rapid response, research and messaging…

2 years ago

Trump Believes Making America Competitive Depends on Slashing Americans’ Wages

I know facts have a hard time surviving and garnering any credibility in Trump’s truth-free political swamp, but let’s give…

2 years ago

Trump Melts Down And Says Democrats Are Going To Kill Him On Healthcare

Trump exploded and complained during a campaign meeting that Democrats are going to kill him on healthcare in the 2020…

2 years ago

Opinion: Fuller Picture Shows Trump’s Policies are Devastating to Americans’ Economic Well-Being

  In response to news that the economy created 266,000 jobs in November and the unemployment rate dipped to 50-year…

2 years ago

Opinion: What Do The 99.9% Think About A Wealth Tax?

The wealth taxes Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have proposed continue to provoke the malice of Wall…

2 years ago

Democrats Must Resist Recession Narrative and Critique Narrative of Trump’s Economic Success

This week’s stock market antics and the occurrence of an inverted yield curve have provided compelling evidence portending another economic…

2 years ago

Republicans Admit That They Have No Plan To Lower Healthcare Costs

Republicans admitted that they are running against socialism in 2020 because they have no plan to lower the cost of…

3 years ago

The Democratic Healthcare Agenda And Obamacare Are Massively Popular With Voters

A new poll reveals that 65% of voters approve of Obamacare and 69%-90% support the planks of the Democratic healthcare…

3 years ago

A Peek Behind the Numbers Shows Trump’s Economy Inflicts Pain on Most Americans

Can we call an economy “successful,” if people living within it are being harmed, not served?

3 years ago

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