John McCain Throws Tantrum Because Russia Scandal Is Stalling The Deadly GOP Health Care Bill

McCain Russia Trump Healthcare

"I think it's very difficult when you have this overwhelming barrage of new information that unfolds every few days. I think it's obvious."

From Rauner to Trump, GOP Practices Politics of Erasure

The problem is, again, that those constituents you and I might call people, the GOP, federally and at the state level, have decided are “not even people.”

Trumpcare Awoke a Rage and More Determination In Our Effort To Remember and Resist

The wrath of voters was visible at the same sort of townhall meetings Republicans used to gin up anger over the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Alyssa Milano Lays Waste to the Old White Men Making Decisions About Her Vagina

"These are the lawmakers making the decisions for my vagina. Looks like none of them have made contact with one in a while."

Opinion: Sam Brownback Vetoes Republican Medicaid Expansion Legislation

"We have the ability to help people who truly need it the most. We have the ability to make a decision today that will save lives — potentially thousands.

There is No Disguising the Fact that GOP Health Care Means Just Letting People Die

Republican replacement obamacare

"Can't be said enough: Republicans objecting to #TrumpRyancare are doing so because it's not yet cruel enough for the @freedomcaucus."

Here’s The Proof That Trump Was Crushed By Health Care Bill Defeat

After Trump was handed an epic loss on health care, he tried to spin himself as never having been concerned about immediately repealing and replacing Obamacare, when in reality, Friday's defeat was crushing for Trump because he has been obsessed with repealing Obamacare for years.

Even Right-Wing Breitbart Thinks The GOP Plan To Replace Obamacare Is Terrible

Steve Bannon

Opposition is opposition and, reasons aside, it's good news that so many on both sides of the political spectrum are fighting against the latest GOP attack on the Affordable Care Act.

Paul Krugman Lays Waste to GOP’s Half-A$$ed Obamacare Replacement

Paul Krugman described the GOP's Obamacare replacement as, "It's not Obamacare 2.0. It's Obamacare 0.5 - a half-assed attempt to preserve ACA successes without spending nearly enough money"

What Trump Calls a ‘Spirit of Optimism’ Sweeping Country is Actually a Wave of BS

Ben Carson says slaves were immigrant, only packed like sardines and chained in the cargo holds. Next, he'll tell us this was 'economy class'

Patriotic Millionaires Condemn Trump’s Plan to Gut Healthcare to Benefit the Wealthy

"Gutting the ACA funding would only further add to our already egregious levels of economic inequality"

Bernie Sanders Mocks Donald Trump’s Surprise at Complexity of Healthcare

"Some of us, who were sitting on the Health Education Committee who went to meeting after meeting after meeting - yeah, we got a clue."

Gov. Jay Inslee: Obamacare Repeal is ‘a Piggy Bank to Give Tax-Cuts to the Wealthy’

"I think that when you get into an airplane and you look at the cockpit and you see the pilot saying 'boy, look at all these gauges this is really complicated,' you know you have a problem."

Mormon Church Opposes A Compassionate Utah Bill To Relieve Suffering

Now, the LDS church did not enumerate any of the "unintended consequences” of medical marijuana use because they are a religion and does not need to explain its position because god. Even if a religion hates the idea of legal recreational weed use, legalizing marijuana for medicinal use to relieve suffering should be a non-issue; particularly for any religion claiming to have an ounce of compassion for the suffering of others.

Congressional Republicans Empower Evangelicals To Sue Governments For Enforcing Law

The reality is that the purpose is to punish the federal government for not adhering to Catholic and evangelicals' religious edicts

Corporate Health Care Giants Make Their Move

These are the halcyon days for PoliticusUSA. Staff writers and contributors have an endless smorgasbord of Republican rubbish to expose. You could write on a different issue that Republicans have twisted and misrepresented every day for a year and you still wouldn’t cover the endless destruction wrought through their fealty to the corporate multi-national gods. read more

Fox News Claims Hillary Less Ethical, But Public Gives Her High Ratings on Every Issue

Fox News seems to want to wish away Hillary Clinton, but even their numbers cannot disguise that the public still approves of Hillary Clinton

A New Report Proves Republican Governed Red States Are Economic Parasites

A new report reveals that those same red state Republican voters who want the federal government cut to shreds are leeching substantially more assets from the federal government they want destroyed at the expense of blue states that are supporting them.

Real Economist Paul Krugman Calls Republican Budget A Trillion Dollar Con Job

Republicans only know one approach to economic policy; the abject failure and scam known as trickle down with a healthy dose of Draconian austerity. Those features epitomize the most recent budget proposal Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman officially and accurately labeled as a "trillion dollar con job."

Massive School Layoffs, Healthcare, Food Stamp Cuts Populate Scott Walker’s Koch Budget

scott walker emails

Scott Walker's budget epitomizes the Koch-Republican "vision for America" and not at all unique among states ruled by Koch-governors with Republican legislatures. In Wisconsin, because Walker has driven the state's deficit over the $2 billion mark with tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, he intends on slashing yet another $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system over two years, and for fun will make seriously Draconian cuts to health care and food stamps.