Exposing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s Covert Mission to Punish Women

Women should be quaking at the prospect of an executive branch that holds women in such low esteem that they will jeopardize their health and welfare to save money for tax breaks for the wealthy.

Dogma and Expediency War for Conservative Christian Hearts and Minds

For years we've been told Obama's Christianity matters but where Romney's Mormonism comes in, will expediency win out over dogma in 2012?

Romney and Ryan to Embark on 87 Days of Terror

Mitt Romney is hurting in the polls, has insulted nearly everyone he's met, and now plans to take to the road to show his blue-collar cred

The GOP’s Dystopian Dream of America’s Future

Why should the federal deficit scare us compared to an uninhabitable planet? Aren't mountains without tops more frightening than an IUD?

America’s Flirtation with Healthcare’s Dark Side

Americans are all about community in so many different ways, so why when it comes to healthcare is everyone supposed to tough it out alone?

For Profit Health Care Fails Patients; Corporate Medicine At Its Worst

Medical professionals who cause trouble because certain practices could place their patients at risk are putting their jobs on the line.

Kate Beckinsale Talks about Republicans in Her Vagina

The Republicans want to get into your vagina, and in this humorously mocking piece Kate Beckinsale and others make the arguments in favor of letting them in

Welcome to Talibanessee

It is time to define gateway sexual activities and to determine whether or not they can be considered a spectator sport

Every Day Across Our Nation GOP Healthcare Hunger Games are Killing People

Meet some of the real life victims of health care politics in the 'conservative republic' of America, where only the super rich can afford to get sick.

Elizabeth Warren Slams The GOP’s War On Contraception As A War On Healthcare

Elizabeth Warren joined Rachel Maddow to expose the fact that the GOP’s attack on contraception is the first step in gutting the entire health insurance system.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Rick Santorum Is The Antithesis Of Christ’s Teachings

Rick Santorum is a conservative, but his lack of compassion makes him the antithesis of Christ’s teachings.

Fox News Helps President Obama Pass Healthcare

Tonight on FNC's Special Report with Bret Baier, President Barack Obama effortlessly rolled through an at times combative interview with Baier, who tried to talk about special deals on the healthcare bill and emails from "the people" who oppose healthcare reform, but Obama was more than up to the task as he used Fox News to push his own healthcare reform message.

Domestic Violence Victims Denied Health Insurance by GOP Senators

Let’s say you were going to cast a Republican Clown Show of Hypocrites who ran on “Family Values” whilst cheating on their wives and voting against women’s rights at every turn.

Let’s imagine this is the most ridiculous Clown Show ever… so bad that these Republican Clowns actually voted against protecting battered women from being cut off from health insurance access. Yes, let’s pretend that they actually voted to ensure that in nine states, health insurance companies could tell a woman who has been battered that she has a pre-existing condition.

Chris Matthews Tries to Explain The Healthcare Issue to Rush Limbaugh

On his MSNBC program Hardball today, host Chris Matthews took a minute to take a shot at Rush Limbaugh, who recently proclaimed that the healthcare system is fine. He also tried to explain the issue to him. Matthews described the issue as, "getting for millions of people who don't have it, something like the healthcare Rush gets."

Teabagger Worried that His Prayers for Senator Bryd to Die May Have Backfired

A Waycross, Georgia Teabagger called C-Span yesterday morning, very concerned that the prayers Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) urged all Teabaggers to make that a member of the Democratic caucus would die and/or not show up for the vote may have backfired and instead killed Republican Senator James Inhofe.