Kochs Secretly Fund the NRA, Chamber of Commerce, Religious Right and Club For Growth

Every Republican at every level of government spouts the same lie, the same twisted logic, to harm American workers

GOP Iran Letter Was A Push For A Regime Change War And Defense Industry Profits

tom cotton morning joe

The truth, and true purpose of the letter, has really never been in question; specifically because the filthy little neo-con who originated it has broadcast the purpose for the world to hear for months.

GOP House Budget Chair Tom Price Is Itching To Cut Social Security

The current Republican congress wants to cut social security benefits. The House Budget Chair made that clear again during a Monday speech.

Conservatives Turn on McConnell And Anoint Ted Cruz The Leader Of Congress

The real conservatives look forward to Cruz's plan to push "his" Republican-led Senate to be as conservative and confrontational as "his" Republican-led House.

Republicans Are Fixated On Using Extortion To Rule America

The truth is that since teabaggers became de facto leaders of the Republican Party, they have contemplated various schemes to shutdown Washington.