Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker’s Latest Fox News Interview Was A Disaster

Herschel Walker used an interview on Fox News to tell white people to stop apologizing for their skin color.

3 weeks ago

Republicans Launch Million Dollar Campaign To Defeat Herschel Walker

The Republican Accountability Project has launched a million-dollar campaign to defeat Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate race because they…

2 months ago

Herschel Walker Shows Why Republicans Are Terrified Of Him Debating Raphael Warnock

Herschel Walker collapsed into word salad and talked about debating Sen. Warnock for "the fans."

2 months ago

Republicans Admit That Herschel Walker Is Losing To Raphael Warnock In Georgia

Republicans are expressing concerns that their Senate candidates are blowing it, specifically pointing to Herschel Walker losing to Raphael Warnock…

2 months ago

Great News In Georgia For Democrats As Raphael Warnock Leads Herschel Walker By 10 Points

A new poll shows Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) leading his Republican challenger Herschel Walker 54%-44% in the Georgia US Senate…

3 months ago

Herschel Walker Just Got Taken Down By The Fonz

Actor Henry Winker delivered the truth to Herschel Walker about celebrity and fatherhood hypocrisy.

4 months ago

Herschel Walker Twice Threatened To Blow A Woman’s Head Off And He Won’t Say He Supports Gun Reform

Twice accused of threatening to blow a woman's head off, Georgia Senate GOP nominee Herschel Walker dodged a question asking…

4 months ago

Herschel Walker Busted Before The Primary Acting As Spokesperson For Program That Preyed Upon Vets And Defrauded The Government

Just days before the Republican Georgia Senate primary, Herschel Walker has been linked to acting as a spokesperson for a…

4 months ago

Raphael Warnock Raises $13.6 Million in Q1 of 2022

Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA has raised $13.6 million in the first quarter of 2022, a total that is the largest…

6 months ago

Herschel Walker Skips US Senate Debate Then Faceplants On Fox

Maria Bartiromo did her propagandistic best, but not even she could save Herschel Walker from changing his story on graduating…

6 months ago

Biden Boots Dr. Oz And Herschel Walker Off Of President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition

President Biden has booted Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker off of the President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition because…

6 months ago

Herschel Walker’s Senate Campaign Crashes And Burns As He Questions Evolution

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker is now doubting the theory of evolution as his Senate campaign devolves.

7 months ago

Trump May Hand Georgia To Democrats With His War On The GOP

Trump is running a full-blown proxy war against Gov. Brian Kemp and other Georgia Republicans that could hand the state…

7 months ago

Democrats May Keep The Senate As The Truth Comes Out About Herschel Walker

New reporting reveals that Herschel Walker has been lying about his business success and how many people he employs.

7 months ago

Mitch McConnell’s Dreams Of Winning The Senate Are Dying

All across the country top, potential Republican candidates are refusing to run for Senate and killing Mitch McConnell's chances of…

11 months ago

GOP Leaders Are Worried That Trump Favorite Herschel Walker Needs to Be Replaced in Georgia

The relationship between Herschel Walker and Donald Trump goes back a long time. When Walker was a football star coming…

1 year ago