Jaws Drop As Donald Jr. Shows That Sexism Is A Trump Family Disease

Claiming his father took the "high road", Donald Trump Jr told host Simon Conway of 1040 WHO Iowa radio that it took "courage" for his father to close his mouth for once and also not be a sexist pig.

Republicans In A State Of Collapse As Trump Pushes White Florida Voters To Clinton

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton 2016

In the swing state of Florida, Hillary Clinton has opened up a 9 point lead over Donald Trump as conditions get more dire for the Republican nominee.

Hillary Clinton Terrifies Republicans By Bringing Democrats Together In Victory Speech

Hillary Clinton Pennsylvania victory speech

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made her first move to pull the Democratic Party completely together by sending Democrats on a common mission against the GOP.

Watch Hillary Clinton’s Strong Democratic Debate Opening on National Security Issues

Watch Secretary Hillary Clinton's strong opening to the Democratic debate in Iowa Saturday evening set the stage for her powerful performance on national security and domestic issues.

Hey Everybody, You’re Not for Free Speech if You Are Only for Your Own

The Pope said, "You cannot provoke, you cannot insult other people's faith, you cannot mock it" but mocks critics of religion as provocateurs

House Report: No Benghazi Coverup. Republican Response? Broaden Investigation

in response to the House investigation proving there was no Benghazi coverup, Republicans, looking for a different answer want a Senate investigation

Progressive Hatred of the Democratic Party is Misguided

The idea that progressives need to break up with the Democratic Party, that it's "Time to get out of this abusive relationship" is based on a false premise

The Supreme Court’s Shameless War on American Democracy

The Supreme Court ought to be protecting democracy. Like the other branches of the government, it answers to the people

Chris Christie Wants a More Aggressive Foreign Policy in Very Messy, Difficult Places

Acting as though he would know right from wrong, Christie said America is "the strongest moral power for what is good and what is right in the world."

Republicans Insist al Qaeda Behind Benghazi Attack Because all Terrorists are al Qaeda

The Republicans insist that because pretty much any Islamic terrorist you care to name is al Qaeda that al Qaeda was behind the Benghazi attack

Republican Candidate Says You Have to Talk to Women on an Emotional Level

The Republicans persist in talking to women with attitudes twenty centuries out of date, and that this presents no obstacle.

Republicans Might Learn How to Talk to Women But They Don’t Care What They Think

"We control 30 governorships, we control 26 state houses and senates chambers. You know, we, in fact, know how to speak to women on their policy issues."

The GOP’s Benghazi Hoax Exposed

The Republican Party refuses to let go of their manufactured Benghazi scandal narrative. We saw just the other day that a Benghazi “witness” featured on 60 Minutes was in fact nowhere near the U.S. compound when terrorists attacked. read more

The GOP’s Peter King Leads the 2016 Charge as He Trashes His Fellow Republicans

What King is looking for in a 2016 Republican is a Muslim-hating hawk who can get behind some truly Bushian and ruinous, economy-destroying defense spending

Marco Rubio’s Epic Fail as the Aspiring Hero of 2016

Making Rubio the face of immigration reform has backfired and he has become a target of ridicule, all of it due to his having no discernible ability to articulate his politics and beliefs.

Critics on Both Sides Distort Obama’s White Male Cabinet Problem

Should we worry about Obama's white male cabinet appointments? How about we wait and see what his cabinet looks like before we complain

Having Backed Herself into McCarthy’s Corner, Bachmann Lashes Out

Michele Bachmann's anti-Muslim witch-hunt has backfired, drawing condemnation from fellow Republicans and mockery from the Muslim Brotherhood

Shut Up, Know Your Role, or Die – the GOP’s 2012 Platform

The conservative mind is focused on a sense of privilege and possession of rights nobody else gets to enjoy, whatever the Constitution says