Hillary Clinton Delivers A Historic Speech Of Perfection That Wrecked Trump

Hillary Clinton delivered a speech that was magnificent in both acknowledging the historic moment while wrecking Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton Terrifies Republicans By Bringing Democrats Together In Victory Speech

Hillary Clinton Pennsylvania victory speech

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made her first move to pull the Democratic Party completely together by sending Democrats on a common mission against the GOP.

Hillary Clinton Soars While Stomping Trump In President Like Victory Speech In NY

Hillary Clinton wins New York

Hillary Clinton delivered a victory speech after the New York primary that at times soared as if it were presidential, but also contrasted her vision with the country with the ugly appeals of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton Destroys Donald Trump With 3 Sentences In SC Victory Speech

Hillary Clinton needed just three sentences to destroy Donald Trump during her South Carolina victory speech.

Hillary Clinton Shakes Republicans With Nevada Victory Speech That Looks White House Ready

Hillary Clinton wins Nevada

Hillary Clinton showed why she scares Republicans with a Nevada victory speech that sounded like a candidate who is White House ready.