Hillary Clinton Makes Trump A Laughingstock With Response To Turkey Letter

Hillary Clinton is continuing the pattern of strong women who continue to own the impotent Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton Warns That Barr’s Attitude Paves The Road To Tyranny

Hillary Clinton warned that William Barr's attitude on executive power puts the country down the road to tyranny.

Democrats evolve to “demand the impossible” against GOP Cynicism

One of my favorite book titles is that of Tom Moylan’s 1986 study of utopian literature: Demand the Impossible.

He explains, if memory serves, that he saw those words spray-painted on a wall in the Paris streets during the 1968 mass rebellions. The phrase stayed with him, clearly, as it has with me read more

Exiled Russian Mobster Partied At Mar-A-Lago With Chinese Spa Owner

An exiled former friend of Vladimir Putin, wanted back in his home country of Russia for tax fraud, has been partying with other guests at Donald Trump’s exclusive Mar-A-Lago resort in South Florida the Miami Herald reports this morning. read more

In Crazy Rant Roger Stone Says Mueller Probe Is ‘A Pretext to Remove Trump’

Donald Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone knows how to get publicity, and in his latest interview he went off the deep end by making crazy claims that the purpose of Bob Mueller’s special counsel probe is to remove both Donald Trump and Mike Pence from office. read more

Hillary Clinton Hints That She May Run For President Again

After being mailed a pipe bomb by the infamous “MAGABomber” last week former First Lady and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is not running for cover. On the country, she is leaving open the possibility of another run for the presidency. read more

Hillary Clinton Had The Perfect Response To Trump Fueled MAGA Bomber Terrorism

Those who tried to send a bomb to Hillary Clinton didn't scare her. She used the terrorism to urge voters to elect candidates who will bring the country together.

Secret Service Intercepts Potential Bombs Intended For Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama

The Secret Service has intercepted more suspicious packages that were intended for Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton.

‘Potential Explosive Devices’ Mailed to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

The Secret Service said Wednesday it has intercepted two ‘suspicious packages’ sent to former President Barack Obama and to Hillary Clinton.

It was first reported this morning that the FBI was investigating one suspicious package found by the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, New York. read more

Hillary Clinton Slams Trump: “He Has Not Spoken Up For Our Country”

Hillary Clinton appeared at the OZY Fest in New York City’s Central Park on Saturday night to talk about President Donald Trump and his summit meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Clinton criticized Trump for not taking a strong stand against Russian election meddling. She also said she is confused about Trump’s motives in meeting repeatedly with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and she doesn’t have a good feeling about them. read more

Cohen Hires Lawyer Who Wants to ‘Avenge Hillary’ In Move He is Ready to Flip

Yesterday it was announced that President Donald Trump’s former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen has hired Lanny Davis, a friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, to help deal with the federal investigation into Cohen’s businesses and finances. read more

As Trump Plays Golf, James Comey Reads The Declaration Of Independence On The 4th Of July

While Trump is playing golf and making Putin's dreams come true, James Comey, who Trump thinks is a criminal, is reading the Declaration Of Independence with his family on this 4th of July.

Hillary Clinton Allies May Be Backing Elizabeth Warren in 2020

Can Elizabeth Warren save the Democratic Party? After the bitter fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential primaries, many people think the #1 agenda item for Democrats is to heal internal divisions.   read more

Chelsea Clinton Slams Trump For Degrading What It Means To Be an American

Chelsea Clinton held nothing back in attacking President Donald Trump’s character in a recent interview in with a British newspaper. In the interview she accused the president of degrading “what it means to be an American.” read more

Hillary Receives Medal While Proclaiming “A Crisis In Our Democracy”

Hillary Clinton received a medal from Harvard University on Friday and announced that we are experiencing a “crisis in our democracy.”  The former First Lady and presidential candidate was given the Radcliffe Medal in recognition of her service to the country. The medal is awarded annually to those who Harvard decides have had a “transformative impact on society.” read more