Congressional Intern Resigns After His Boss Thomas Massie Compares COVID Regulations to the Holocaust

Republicans just can't keep themselves from talking about Nazi Germany while talking about COVID-19 restrictions. Marjorie Taylor Greene, of course,…

2 years ago

Too Little Too Late: Taylor Greene Finally Apologizes After Repeatedly Comparing Mask Rules to the Holocaust

For a freshman congressperson, Marjorie Taylor-Greene is in the news an awful lot. Then again, she likes it that way.…

2 years ago

Kinzinger: We Can’t Make Taylor Greene Stop Being a Republican But We Can Kick Her Out of House Conference

Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to step in a different controversy each week. But the last week has been particularly galling…

2 years ago

Another Anti-Semitic Holocaust-Denying Republican Is Running for Congress

For some reason political candidates who deny the Holocaust ever took place are finding a home in the Republican Party.…

5 years ago

Sean Spicer Thinks The Problem With His Hitler Lie Was That It Wasn’t ‘On Topic’

"Clearly, I'm aware of [the atrocities of the Holocaust]," Spicer said. "I should've just stayed on topic"

6 years ago

Trump Scrapped Version Of Holocaust Remembrance Message That Recognized Jewish Victims

The decision by the Trump White House to change the statement was intentional, not accidental.

6 years ago

Oklahoma Republican Calls For “Final Solution” To Muslims Because “Islam Is Not a Religion”

"We have no long term alternative but to quarantine them… prohibiting them from residing anywhere within the civilized nations of…

7 years ago

Hillary Clinton Seizes The Moral High Ground And Slams Mike Huckabee For Holocaust Comments

While campaigning in Iowa, Hillary Clinton slammed Mike Huckabee for his Holocaust comments that were offensive to every American and…

8 years ago

Mike Huckabee Compares President Obama To Nazis Exterminating Jews

Huckabee, who believed in diplomacy for white presidents, claims that Obama "will take the Israelis and march them to the…

8 years ago

National Disgrace Rush Limbaugh Compares the IRS Scandal to the Holocaust

The shame of our nation, Rush Limbaugh, hit a new low today by comparing the IRS scandal to the Holocaust.

10 years ago