Opinion: What It Says About Hateful Conservative Leadership that Notre Dame President Jenkins, Trump Contract Coronavirus

A 19th-century German philosopher once asserted that the educators must be educated, the point being what was passing for knowledge…

1 year ago

Opinion: Addressing “Crazy” Fears of Trump’s America may be Key to Creating a Civil Rights Culture

I always find it worthwhile to try to understand those with whom I most disagree and to decipher the experiences…

2 years ago

Trump’s Attack on “Failing Government Schools” Reveals Religiously-Repressive, Racist, and Homophobic Attack on Public Education

In his State of the Union Address, Trump took a swipe at what he called “failing government schools.” Most of…

2 years ago

New Study of Homophobia Shows Trump Is not Just a Hater, but Stupid, too

A recent study conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia may very well provide some very valuable insights to…

3 years ago

Kentucky Gubernatorial Election Should Be A Wake Up Call For Democrats

Now if only Democrats would make a special effort to demonstrate to moderates that a major contributor to this country's…

6 years ago

Sen. Tom Cotton Thinks All Is Copacetic Because Arkansas Doesn’t Hang Gays Like Iran

Senator Tom Cotton argues that discrimination against gays in the US shouldn't be a priority, since we aren't hanging them…

7 years ago

California Attorney-General Fights To Void Deadly Anti-Gay Ballot Initiative

The far right's war on the LGBT community took a variety of turns this week.

7 years ago

New Year’s Eve Ball For Heterosexuals Only

As the new year is fast-approaching, senior class couples from an Indiana High School will be bringing in the new…

7 years ago

Gay Republican Organization GOProud Is Throwing In The Towel And Calling it Quits

The organization GOProud which was formed in 2009, is closing up shop and ceasing operations as an entity within the…

8 years ago

As Same Sex Marriage Bans Crumble, Republican Bigots Cling to Homophobia

At some point, a judge, politician, or political pundit must make very public statements identifying the opposition to same-sex marriage…

8 years ago

When It Comes to Homophobia, Not Much Separates Neo-Nazis and Conservative Christians

Now that the charade of Phil Robertson's pretend suspension is over, homophobes nationwide can rest assured that their "right" to…

8 years ago

Hate Spewing Family Research Council Asks, Why So Angry, Bro?

After years of conservatives demonizing liberalism and progressivism, atheists, Muslims, environmentalists, Pagans, moderate Christians, and, especially, members of the LGBT…

8 years ago

Republicans Propose Legislation That Would Allow Discrimination Against Same Sex Couples

A group of House Republicans have announced their intent to propose legislation to give conservatives groups legal cover to continue…

8 years ago

Pink Swastika Author to be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity

Scott Lively claims he is being persecuted for persecuting LGBT persons, but he thinks his own crimes are excused by…

8 years ago

Republican Outreach: Xenophobia with a Smile

The adverse effect of the GOP's sexist, racist and homophobic attitudes and policies extend beyond the groups most directly affected.

9 years ago

SCOTUS Must Decide if the Bible Supersedes The Constitution’s Guarantee of Equal Rights

Justices must acknowledge the prohibition on same-sex marriage, and homosexuality in general, has no other foundational basis than it is…

9 years ago

Right Wing Insanity Boils Over With Claim Marriage Equality Caused Noah’s Flood

Right wing Pastor Scott Lively hit a new level of crazy even for the far right by claiming that same…

9 years ago

Maryland Delegate Tries to Silence NFL Player’s Support of Gay Marriage

Maryland delegate Emmett Burns wrote the Baltimore Ravens demanding they silence their player, marriage equality advocate Brendon Ayanbadejo

9 years ago

NOM Says Chick-Fill-A Can Endorse a Controversial Political Issue, But Not General Mills

The National Organization of Marriage accuses General Mills of hypocrisy but hypocritically supports Chick-Fill-A and condemns General Mills

10 years ago

Lawrence O’Donnell Pokes Fun at Right Wing Fanatic Buster Wilson’s Meat

The AFA's Buster Wilson said a Google boycott would put his meat to the test but it was MSNBC's Lawrence…

10 years ago

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