Hope Hicks

Hope Hicks Confirms That Hush Money Payments Were About The Trump Campaign

Hope Hicks Confirms That Hush Money Payments Were About The Trump Campaign

During her testimony, Trump's defense appeared to take a hit when Hope Hicks testified that the Trump hush money payments…

3 months ago

Trump Doesn’t Answer When Asked If Hope Hicks Betrayed Him

Hope Hicks is testifying at the hush money trial, and when Trump was asked if she betrayed him, he didn't…

3 months ago

The Hush Money Trial Witness List Is Trump Worst Living Nightmare

The potential witness list for the prosecution in the Trump hush money case is a total nightmare for the defendant…

3 months ago

Bad News For Trump As Hope Hicks Testifies Before The 1/6 Committee

Former Trump aide Hope Hicks is sitting down to testify before the 1/6 Committee with a transcribed interview.

2 years ago

Eric Swalwell Has One Question For Hope Hicks That Could Bring Down Donald And Ivanka Trump

Rep. Eric Swalwell, who is also a Democratic presidential candidate, has one question for Hope Hicks and that is did…

5 years ago

Trump Furious at White House Staff; Wants Hope Hicks Back

New reports out of the White House say that President Donald Trump is extremely angry about Bob Woodward’s book, and…

6 years ago

Trump Tweets ‘Witch Hunt’ Has ‘Destroyed Young Lives’

On Sunday morning President Donald Trump continued his unprecedented and alarming attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller's probe, tweeting that the…

6 years ago

Hope Hicks Had Been Unhappy For Months Before Deciding to Leave the White House

According to an article in New York Magazine, Trump confidant Hope Hicks (also known as the White House Communications Director) had…

6 years ago

WH Communications Director Lawyers Up As Russia Investigation Targets Top Trump Aides

Robert Mueller's investigation is picking up strength as the category five scandal gets closer and closer to the Oval Office.

7 years ago