Religious House Republicans Plan To Deny Contraception Access to 4.6 Million Women

There is no other reason for Republicans to try defunding Title X than denying family planning services and contraception from women.

Paul Ryan Lies About Amtrak While Pledging No Republican Infrastructure Funding

Instead of acknowledging that as an austerity-minded Republican his only priority and primary goal for serving in the House cutting infrastructure spending, Ryan warned that Congress is in no way going to "rush to judgment and try doubling the size of government programs" just because some people died in an accident he said was caused by "human error."

Republicans Are Behaving Like Unhinged Tyrants Who Realize Their Policies are Failing

Republicans are behaving like evil tyrants who realize their policies are failing and instead of changing course, they have adopted a mindset that they will fail and take the nation down with them.

House Republicans Use Bogus Scandal As an Excuse To Slash The IRS Budget

Republicans have made no secret underfunding the IRS is punitive for what they cite as inappropriate actions over the phony scandal when IRS employees scrutinizing political groups.

Democrats Take On the Media’s Billion Dollar Plan To Strengthen Citizens United

House Democrats are gearing up for a showdown with the corporate media and their Republican pals over language in a bill that would strengthen Citizens United.