Democrats Will Investigate Trump Scandals, Including Russia

If they win a majority in November, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives will re-open the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. They would like to investigate a lot of other things about Donald Trump also, including his family, his business associates and his cabinet members. But they will have to be selective in what they investigate, according to experts on the subject. read more

House Democrats Are Preparing To Unleash Investigation Hell On Trump

The list of areas that Republicans expect Democrats to investigate if they take back the House has leaked, and it numbers more than 100 items. Trump's White House is totally unprepared for this level of oversight.

Democrats Do What Trump Hasn’t And Put $45 Billion Toward Fighting The Opioid Epidemic

Democrats have stepped up to the plate and are trying to put billions of dollars toward a crisis that deserves more than just lip service. 

Democrats Stand United Behind March for Truth Protesters and Vow Not to Stand Down

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi praised the "courageous voices" of the people taking to the streets to demand answers and facts, saying House Democrats were behind them and would not "stand down."

Democrats Show In One Video How They Will Use Trump To Win Back Congress In 2018

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi shared this video on Friday, and in it House Democrats show just how easy it will be for Democratic House candidates to run against Donald Trump in 2018.

Sanders Tells House Dems Don’t Only Focus on Winning Elections – Gets Booed

"To say that the goal is not to win elections but for people to embrace his ideas is disconnected from what we are trying to do here."

Trump Debacle Sinks Republicans As Democrats Seek To Double House Wins

Things are so bad that House Democrats see a big opportunity to expand their seats thanks to Trump, and they are grabbing it.

Democrats Show America What Real Leadership Looks Like With Brave House Protest

During this historic, courageous sit in -- Democrats found not only their spine but the knowledge that they carry moral authority on this issue -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) praised Congressmen John Lewis.

Paul Ryan Is Mobilizing Police To Forcibly Remove Democratic Protesters From The House

Reports are circulating that the Senate police have been moved to the House to potentially forcibly remove the Democratic protesters who are occupying the House of Representatives.

Compassionate House Democrats Introduce Resolution Protecting Immigrants From Deportation

"These laws splinter families and deny judicial review. Twenty years is too long to cling to broken and morally bankrupt policies.”

House Democrats Render Senate Passed Iran Bill Meaningless By Having Obama’s Back

Republicans in Congress will get to voice their displeasure of any deal on Iran's nuclear program, but House Democrats have enough votes to sustain a veto from President Obama if Republicans disapprove of the deal.

House Dems Call Boehner Offer a Slap In The Face and Refuse to Be Props In Benghazi Circus

House Democratic leaders have flat out rejected John Boehner's offer to be props on his special Benghazi committee. After meeting, Democrats called the offer a slap in the face.

The Cost of Voting Republican: Economy Lost $3 Billion Due to GOP Blocking UI Entension

The cost of voting Republican continues to grow as House Ways and Means Democrats determined that Republicans have cost the economy $3 billion in less than two months by blocking an extension of unemployment benefits.

Debt Ceiling Fallout: Boehner Pays The Price For Climbing In Bed With Tea Party Imbeciles

Boehner may face serious repercussions from "true conservatives" in the tea party movement, but that is the price he pays for climbing in bed with morons and imbeciles who went to Washington to destroy the government that Boehner has been all-in for over the past three years.

Democrats Demand To Know How Much The Republican IRS Witch Hunts Are Costing Taxpayers

Democrats Sandy Levin and Elijah Cummings demanded to know how much Issa's IRS 'investigations' are costing the taxpayers. They suggest the total is "well into the millions of dollars."

House Republicans Dig In Their Heels and Refuse To Create Middle Class Jobs

The House Democrats plan is founded on creating jobs and a thriving middle class that will never see the light of day because creating anything positive is anathema to destructive Republicans.