A Petition Has Been Launched To Prosecute and Expel John Boehner From Congress

This week a MoveOn.org petition began circulating for the purpose of prosecuting Speaker of the House John A. Boehner for willfully breaking a federal law when he knowingly violated the 216 year-old Logan Act.

Corrupt John Boehner Conspires With Foreigners Against America’s Best Interests

Boehner has enlisted a foreign corporation (TransCanada), the Canadian Prime Minister, and a foreign energy department to put pressure on America, and particularly its President, to approve construction of a pipeline Canada is well aware is an environmental and ecological disaster.

It Is Time To Investigate and Expel Boehner For Ethics and SEC Violations

Boehner needs to be thoroughly investigated by a House Ethics Committee and the Securities and Exchange Commission, thrown out of Congress, and sent straight to prison. There is precedent to expel Boehner from Congress that involves another Ohio representative, James A. Traficant.

After Getting Busted Congress Caves and Will Require Members To Disclose Trips From Lobbyists

The House Ethics Committee caved to public pressure, and quickly reversed itself two days after a secret ruling that changed eliminated a rule requiring members of Congress to publicly disclose the free trips they were getting from lobbyists.

Corrupt Congress Secretly Kills Rule Requiring Them To Disclose Free Trips From Lobbyists

In a private meeting, the House Ethics Committee secretly killed a decades old rule that required members of Congress to disclose to the public trips they take that are paid for by lobbyists.

After Receiving Endorsement From Michele Bachmann, Veteran GOP Congressman Loses In Primary

Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX), 91, was seeking his 18th term in office this year. It appears that the oldest member of Congress will be forced to retire in January as Hall was defeated on Tuesday in a Republican primary runoff election.

Democrats File a Complaint Against Darrell Issa’s IRS Scandal Co-Conspirators

Democrats filed a formal complaint with the special watchdog council that questions J. Russell George's independence because he met and conspired secretly with Darrell Issa last year to issue an inaccurate, and misleading report accusing the IRS of specifically targeting conservative groups

Darrell Issa, John Boehner, Clarence Thomas Lead the Republican Culture of Corruption

The level of political corruption in Republican and conservative ranks has gotten so blatant that they are finally being targeted for investigations.

Michele Bachmann Is Going Down Fast as House Ethics Committee Announces Investigation

Rep. Michele Bachmann might not make it to 'retirement,' in 2014 as the House Ethics Committee has launched an investigation into possible ethics violations surrounding her 2012 presidential run.

Now that Michele Bachmann is Washed Up, The GOP Throws Her to the Wolves

The Republican-led House is allowing an investigation into Bachmann's ethics at the same time as the party would be better off without her. The GOP appears to be all done with Michele.

Busted: Paul Ryan Left $1-5 Million Trust Off Disclosure Forms Until He Was Vetted

Paul Ryan and his wife inherited between 1-5 million dollars and didn't disclose it for two years. Ryan previously checked yes to blind trust on his disclosure forms, but amended that on July 6 to no.